First Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Levels Revealed

The first seven levels in Activision’s upcoming Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD have been revealed, and it’s a great line-up so far even though we’re desperately hoping for Skater Heaven.

The ones mentioned so far are Warehouse, Mall and Phoenix from THPS and School 2, Hangar, Marseilles and Venice Beach from THPS2.


There’s some new screens, too.

Via Gematsu.



  1. That’s the Carlsbad secret area from School 2 on the right. Wicked little secret.

    • Good shout.

    • For some reason, they thought a picture grinding the rail would be better than hitting the grass gap?!

  2. This looks superb. If it feels like TH1 and 2 and costs less than £15 then I’ll be sold!

  3. just one question… WHEN?! :D
    Any news if this is going to be available on consoles and with the old soundtrack?

  4. So i know that they are planning on a bit of a mixmash of levels from the older games, but what about trick sets? Have they mentioned which game the control scheme will be based upon?

    i.e. will it be THPS1 with its pretty much bare bones tricks & grinds, or based upon more recent entries (stupid board peripheral games excluded!) & therefore have reverts, manuals etc?

    • It’ll definitely have the manuals from THPS2, it has to have. Wouldn’t count on reverts and all the other flatland stuff from 3+ though.


      • No off board?

      • I will still get it if it has the tricks from 2, but I would love the revert and flatland from 3 to be in it. All the extras after that were pointless though.

      • Yeah, that is a shame if so, as reverts are the linking trick that allows for mammoth scores (plus i recall the tension from not wanting to bail from your 50+ trick combo!).

        I guess only time will tell, but i would like to see the trick set from either 3 or 4 (or maybe even THUG or THUG2). As mentioned above, anything after that was pretty much fluff.

      • Well sure, but these levels aren’t designed for reverts – adding in the move would totally change the structure of them.

      • Yeah, i suppose. :(

        Althoguh nigh on impossible, it would still be nice to revisit some of the older tracks with all of the bells & whistles of the newer games.

      • Was never really a fan of the off board stuff.

  5. Looks great. Will be an instant purchase for me as loved the earlier Tony Hawk titles.

  6. I’m so buying this on day 1.

  7. Great set of levels already. I would still buy it even if it was only those on their own. Be interesting to see what the others are.

  8. Looks great but I really hope they include at least some of the songs from the original soundtrack.
    The soundtrack made the TH games.

    • If i remember correctly the iphone port of THPS2 only had a limited selection of songs due to licensing issues.

      • Yeah, I read in a forum that it’s because some of the punk rock record labels have gone bust and the rights for the soundtracks would be such an expensive pain that they wouldn’t have been able to make any money. Seemed fair really. If the console version gets a custom soundtrack option then I’ll be happy! I wonder if it’s possible to rip music from a ps1 disc…

  9. Good so far, but they HAVE to include Philly!

    NY too!

  10. Just read reverts and spine transfers are in.

    • Forget this, no proof/source at all.

      • Lol – Was just about to say ‘awesome’!, but then i read your update.

        I’ll just say ‘bah’ for now then.

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