Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Trailer

Blimey there’s a torrent of news pouring in today, anyone would think the games industry had spent the last month sat on its bum, scoffing mince pies.

The latest trailer to plop on to the metaphorical TSA doormat is for ‘Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock’ and it shows Daleks, Cybermen and River Song looking very foxy in a leather cat suit.


The game appears to be a platformer and reminds me of the classic ‘Another World’ on the Amiga. The video shows a section with River helping The Doctor up a platform, perhaps hinting at co-op?

The game is scheduled for launch in March on both PS3 and PS Vita.

Source: YouTube



  1. Cloister Bell at the end there… nice touch.

    The graphics look a tad terrible though in the sequences, oh Doctor, you deserve so much better..

    • I’m imagining PSN game rather than full retail game.

      To be honest, if it’s any good, I’ll accept these graphics happily. As long as its a good Doctor Who game I’m sold!

      • Having looked on the Youtube link posted by the BBC, it does indeed say the PS3/Vita version is on the PSN, so that makes sense.

  2. Another World <3

    Could be good, hoping for a demo!

  3. Call me odl fashioned but I really think those Robocop cybermen look crap.

  4. like a poor man’s Uncharted!

  5. Really hope they do the pay one get both versions!!!

  6. Already looks better than Uncharted 4 *cough*

    Might check it out, looks decent enough haha.

  7. Now, should I get it on my PS3 or my (future) PSVita.

  8. kinda reminds me of that XBLA game shadow complex, except it’s not written by a homophobic mormon.

    although being Doctor Who, there’s likely to be a lot less shooting.
    at least from the Doctor anyway, River doesn’t mind using her gun now and again.

    anyway, i hope there’s a demo.

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