Ubisoft Vita Launch Games Releasing Early in the US

With the launch of the Vita a month away, Ubisoft has announced that all of their launch titles, such as Rayman and Dungeon Hunter Alliance, will be releasing on February 14th.

Alex Monney, Ubisoft PR Specialist, had the following to say:


“All these titles will be available a week prior to launch, giving gamers the opportunity to build up their library prior to the launch of this highly anticipated PlayStation handheld or experience the games early if you are picking up the First Edition bundle on February 15th.”

Have any of Ubisoft’s titles caught your eye?

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Cool, only if Rayman is £20 I guess….

  2. Rayman has caught my eye. Demo was a lt f fun, looking forward to getting my hands on the full game!

  3. Yeah but then it’s Ubisoft…

  4. Is that the new Rayman that’s supposed to be good?

    • Yes, Rayman Origins and it’s brilliant.

  5. I wonder of they’ll do the same over here…
    I’ve Rayman and Lumines preordered off Amazon for £5 each.

    • They haven’t got long to decide.

  6. Have both of those games on order at Amazon. They had a deal/misprice on both at £5 each so I took the plunge. Probably won’t slip through the net (like Very’s Vita pre-orders) but there’s always hope.

  7. i dont think amazon will be canceling your orders as ive got a couple of games pre ordered but they cancelled my order for 50x rayman

    • Haha! Yeah, I think I might have cancelled a 50x Rayman order too.
      If they cancelled that and not the others that’s great news for me though.

      Now the only question is whether to stick with Rayman and Lumines or just Rayman (They’re seperate orders, so I’d have to pay postage to Ireland twice).
      Not too sure on Lumines- I never actually played it on PSP, it’s a Tetris type game, right?

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