Vita Rooms Glasgow

Yesterday evening saw the opening of Glasgow’s PS Vita Rooms, a special event designed to showcase the new systems’s launch line-up in the heart of the city.  Half way down Sauchiehall Street, a building transformed by the ubiquitous PlayStation branding, Vita Rooms was, in my opinion (and of those I managed to speak to on the night) a huge success.

I managed to get in at around seven to take a quick look at some of the games we’d not yet covered and grab some photos before the doors opened at half past.  After a quick chat (and a pasting) on WipEout 2048 by Sony Liverpool’s Karl Jones (the Cross-play function works flawlessly) I dashed over to take a look at Ubisoft’s Lumines and grabbed a beer before it started to get busy.

The two-storey plan worked nicely, with most of the PlayStation Network games on offer upstairs and the bigger AAA titles downstairs, roughly speaking.  Uncharted: Golden Abyss was at the back of the main floor in an over-16s only second, with a queue to get a go on the game snaking right past where we were sat for most of the night.

Drake’s latest adventure is easily the biggest name Vita has for it here in Scotland judging by the amount of people waiting, even though (from what I’d heard) the demo wasn’t really the best indication of what the whole game is about.  Still, if Sony were looking for a hit they might just have found one – it was definitely the game that everyone wanted to try.

Our man Blair was on form taking notes on the games at the event and you’ll get more detailed hands-on articles from him over the week, but a couple of titles really stood out for us all – Rayman looks absolutely gorgeous and Lumines played perfectly – the game started with the Deep Dish record the devs have been mentioning, and it’s nicely done before mixing into the next few tracks.

Football’s not my thing, but I had a quick look at EA’s FIFA and it looks fabulous – a perfect console port from what I could see without much in the way of a downgrade.  Certainly, once people had realised you could press the PS button to change game on the machines, the poor Vitas with the marquees showing Escape Plan and Top Darts were really just hosting FIFA and Uncharted.

The entertainment provided was great (and the DJ’s set, whilst a little programmed, was perfectly suited) apart from there not being much in the way of non-alcoholic drinks, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  I managed to speak to a few people about the system and the event and everyone loved it, although we got a few stares from the security woman whenever I demoed my own Vita.

Seriously, if you’re in two minds about Vita and live in or near Glasgow, get down to the Vita Rooms this week whilst you can.  It’s a great venue, there’s plenty of machines available and it’s the same SCEE guys out on the floor that are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the machine or its games.




  1. Out of interest Nofi, was it you that was on twitter last night? Also are you from Glasgow, or just up for the event?

    • It was me, yep. I’m local.

      • Ah likewise. The fact you spelt Sauchiehall right (and can probably pronounce it too) was a dead giveaway.

      • Its great seeing it spelled right. Been up here for over two years now and I still forget from time to time

    • Oh and do you not need a ticket for it now?

  2. Great read nofi. Aye the event was fantastic and Wipeout was the only thing I kept going back to playing. PLayed Uncharted, Modnation, Rayman and Little Big Planet and Modnation. But Wipeout was the biggest attraction to me anyway. And these titles were absolutely fantastic and how the hell did I miss Lumines. I blame beer and Wipeout tsk.
    Food was nice and well organised and the beer oh…. they were the best xD
    Deserved them free beers from working hard on Wipeout haha.
    Also was laughing when a security was keeping an eye on you. Should have screamed I have just nicked a Vita! then make a dramatic slow-mo escape (Uncharted style of course)

    It was fantastic event and looking forward to 22nd February.

    • First impressions, did you find the Vita very much bigger than the PSP and comfortable to hold? as nofi has mentioned in previous articles.

      • Aye it was bigger reminded me of the very first PSP but it was also lighter. And yes I find it very comfortable playing the PSP Vita so much better in my opinion and far better than PSPGo as it was too small. The only worry is that it won’t fit in your pocket lol.
        Still it was comfortable and lighter and the analogues (nubs) were much better.

      • Cool, you sound notably impressed;) Personally I think I’d rather keep it in a travel case or deluxe pouch than in a pocket to avoid scratching the unit and with those tiny memory cards and game cards floating around in a pocket they could easily get lost.

  3. I’ve been wondering whether to cancel my Vita order recently but now I can’t. Roll on 22nd Feb!! :)

  4. WipEout, Rayman and Lumines… Nathan who? :P

  5. Great night, a lot of fun games. It was really good meeting everyone again.

  6. Glasgow is the closest a PS Vita Rooms event has been to me but still over 100 miles away, so still haven’t seen one in the flesh.

    • I too am yet to see a vita in the flesh. I dont plan to either till the box is in my hands on the 22nd!
      I am so f***ing excited to get my hands on it! Might have to work from home that day ;)

  7. Brilliant night, great seeing everyone again and meeting Del, really enjoyed it.

  8. Caught the last day at Manchester so there was no queues. If I wasn’t in France on release day I’d have a pre-order in.

  9. Dammit, Edinburgh’s too far from Glasgow!

    If Vita Fifa has 11 v 11 online play then that game is sold to me along with Uncharted and WipEout 2048

  10. No chance of one in Falmouth I guess? Truro at a push? It is the regional capital :P
    Wish I could go, it sounds great.

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