Vita Rooms Hits London

The Glasgow Vita Rooms was great fun – we enjoyed it – and it’s now hitting London, starting this Friday and running right through to the launch of the system.

The London section will also incorporate the FIFA IWC UK final.


Here’re the details:

Friday 17th February
12pm- 6pm- Open sampling

Saturday 18th February
11am- 5.30pm- Open sampling
4pm- 4.30pm- Wiley performance

Sunday 19th February
11am- 6pm- Open sampling
3pm- 6pm- FIFA IWC UK Qualifiers
6.30pm- 10pm- FIFA IWC UK Final

Monday 20th February
12pm- 6.30pm- Open sampling

Tuesday 21st February
12pm- 6.30pm- Open sampling

Wednesday 22nd February
12pm- 8pm- Open sampling
6.30pm- 7pm- Tinchy Stryder performance

There’s a Thursday invite only event, too, which we’ll be attending. Smile!

For further details there’s the official Facebook channel and you can also follow the @psaccess team on Twitter here.



  1. I hope Tinchy is there on Thursday.

  2. I’m in the Saturday 7PM slot ;).

  3. I wish they’d give a bit more notice than just a week, but not too bothered about these ones anway.
    I hope PS Access will go back to having PS3 games as well once Vita’s been released.

  4. I managed to get tickets to the party on Friday night. Looking forward it getting to playing some more Vita ahead of next weeks launch.

  5. going to the saturday night party cant wait, they cancelled the birmingham event but then redeemed themselves by getting a coach to pick us from birmingham to london then drop us off

  6. I wonder which footballers they will wheel out for London.

  7. I’m a bit confuzzled. Do you have to get tickets, or can you just turn up?

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