A Detailed Look At GT5’s Car Pack 3

As an adjunct to my GT5 Speed Test Pack review, I thought I’d share a few thoughts and details about Car Pack 3 which was released alongside the Speed Test Pack. The Car Pack adds another six vehicles to your garage as well as making them all available for purchase from the car dealerships. This brings GT5’s total number of in-game cars up to 1074, not including those available as pre-order bonuses.

The cars in this pack are Aston Martin’s latest V12 Vantage, the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, BMW’s least-like-a-Mini-Mini the Mini Cooper S Countryman, the potentially electrifying Nissan Leaf G, the scuttling Volkswagen 1200 and the awesome Jaguar XJR-9 LM Race Car.

Now the sharp-eyed GT5 aficionados amongst you will already have noticed that that is actually only five new cars not six. The XJR-9 LM is already present in the game as a ‘Standard’ quality car having been inherited from GT-PSP (or GT4, where it can also be found).

It is the first of GT5’s ‘Standard’ cars to be remade in ‘Premium’ quality. Many of us have wanted our favourite Standard cars to be remodelled and now it looks like it will simply be a matter of how much we are willing to pay to have them.

Car Pack 3 will cost you £4.79/€5.99/A$8.45/NZ$11.50/$5.99/¥600 depending on your locale which, if you only want a couple of the cars in it, likely makes it quite expensive. For me, the XJR-9 is a particular favourite I remember supporting back in 1988, so I’ll be retiring my Standard one in favour of the shinier, smoother, curvier new version with a properly rendered cabin.

Likewise I know I’ll get an awful lot of in-game miles out of racing the Aventador. The rest will simply help me towards the 1000-cars trophy. That essentially means the two cars I wanted have cost £2.40 each. Were all the cars available separately, I’d have probably paid up to £1.99 for each of the ones I wanted so I don’t feel too hard done by, but I wouldn’t call them good value.

What are you views on paying for Premium remakes of Standard cars? How much would you pay for them? Which cars would you like to see? I think the Mazda Furai should be next up for a Premium makeover.


  1. I’d like to see the Formula GT’s (Polyphonys take on an f1 car) made into a premium model.

    • It pretty much is already, the cockpit view is fully featured.

    • all open seater cars (lmp’s, formula style cars and things like the caternam 7 and ac cobra) feature full cockpits now and are almost indistinguishable from a full premium.

      • Ohhh… didn’t know that open seaters featured a fully detailed cockpit… better take my out my Caterham for a drive then… haven’t used it for quite some time.

  2. What are you views on paying for Premium remakes of Standard cars?

    Not good. This reminds us constantly about the game being rushed even with the huge development time. It’s like offering me higher detailed clothing for Sackboy even though the “standard” items are already available to me. I’d feel almost offended at them trying to leverage money from me this way.

    • If they were all upgrades I would fully agree but like the article points out it is really best thought of as 5 new cars and one upgrade.
      That said, I wouldn’t put it past them to release a pack of only upgraded cars

      • Upgraded cars should be released as an apology!

      • If you give me £5, I’ll apologise to you.

      • an apology? what do they have to apoligise about? although i wouldn’t pay for a car that’s already in the game I’d far rather have 800+ standards then not have them at all, I’m hardly that bother that there lower quality modals, as long as they drive how they should then I’m happy.

  3. The Beetle comes into use online, very very tail happy too, good fun. Not sure about the Leaf, to me seems a bit redundant and the Aston makes a glorious noise.

  4. As with all DLC, if this is more than you want to pay for the content, then don’t pay it. Also, don’t complain about it.

    I didn’t buy Car Pack 2, because there was nothing in it that I wanted, but bought the whole bundle for the first DLC, because it offered some great new content, even though I knew I was paying more than I normally would have.

    This time round I bought the cars, but not the track, because the cars are great (though there’s a standard Beetle from ’49, which will be very similar, and the XJR already existed in the game) and I wanted them. £4.79 was a lot, but I felt like buying them. The test track, not so much.

    I doubt I’ll buy any more DLC, unless they come out with an ultimate Le Mans pack.

    • ” unless they come out with an ultimate Le Mans pack.”

      Now your’e talking!! Past and present please ;)

  5. Was really happy with the cars in this pack, apart from maybe the Leaf but that is an interesting car still and Japan car of the year so I understand its inclusion.

    As fas as the XJR-9 LM goes I realise that a version of this car does exist in the game. The DLC version is actually a different car that was modelled though, it is the winner of the race as opposed to the standard version which is based off a car which is still raced in historic races today. Most obvious difference being the magnesium wheels used in the Le Mans winner as opposed to the gold BBS wheels still used nowadays. I realise that this isn’t a big point but I do like that now we have the “genuine” article, so to speak.

    As it is this is my favourite racecar of all time so am delighted and yesterday just won the Le Mans 24 hours in game with it!

    • Did you do that race in one sitting or use the save feature? Also with the save feature in use, do you have to go back to the race being saved when restarting the game or can you do other things in the game?
      I’m guessing that you’ll have done the race in one sitting anyway but just out of curiosity.
      Only asking as I’m not sure exactly how the save feature works as I’ve never actually used it.
      Oh! Nice result btw ;)

      • All in one sitting, had a teammate but managed about 17 hours myself. Have never used the save feature so can’t comment. Sorry.

      • If you save the race, you are locked into it. So, upon pit entrance, you can suspend then you are asked to quit the game. When you fire it up again, it loads straight into the race.

      • it is possible to play gt5 normally and still be able to resume your race. i’ve found this to be quite usefull whenever theres a tsa gt5 meet and i’m in the middle of a endurance. you can back up the save after you’ve suspended the race, start gt5 normally and quit the suspend race to start playing gt5 and then once you’ve finished delete that save and re-install the previous one to load your mid race save.

      • Cheers guys, useful to know, especially that save back up tip if you need to leave the race to do something else in the game.

  6. A$8.45/$5.99

    I love how ridiculous PSN pricing is here in Australia, our dollar is worth MORE than the USD.

    Regardless, next time I fire up GT5 I’ll be buying this. I can’t resist some Aventador shaped lovin’.

  7. The original database of cars was for 1031 on the games release of which I have 1030, so I must now have 1073 unique’s because I’ve bought all the car packs and any cars that have been available to win in Time Trials etc. although my garage has 1100 cars there are a few models that have been purchased or won twice.

  8. The price for 5 cars and an upgrade isn’t so bad in my opinion, still a bit high. But the real problem is that you won’t really want all of them. I personally wanted the V12 Vantage and the Aventador, with the Jaguar as ‘Should try it out’ and the rest not worth trying out for me. Then the price can be considered quite expensive.

    Also, I think standard to premium upgrades should not be sold but given in updates… I think Polyphony should upgrade some cars out of the 800 to premium, not all of them, that would be a very time consuming task, but upgrade the vehicles that the majority of the fans would like to see in premium, like the GT40, Veyron and so on.

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