Rumour: Next Xbox Will Use Blu-rays, But Lock Out Pre-Owned Disks

You are, it seems, a nobody unless you’ve got loads of industry insider buddies who are willing to have a quick chat on MSN about next-generation machines under the condition that – no matter who comes knocking at your door – you’ll never tell anyone their name.

Nobody tells us a damned thing, mind, but that means we can happily cherry-pick from the craziest theories out there without having the tiniest bit of egg on our collective faces.  Unless we’re eating an egg sandwich with extra egg, in which case you’ll have to excuse the tasty morsels sat upon our noses.

[drop2]The latest (and forgive me if this link doesn’t work, I still can’t figure out how to work Kotaku) is that the next Xbox will use Blu-ray disks (fair enough) but lock out pre-owned games (more bonkers than Bonkers Bob).

“I’ve heard from one reliable industry source that Microsoft intends to incorporate some sort of anti-used game system as part of their so-called Xbox 720,” says the site’s Stephen Totilo, who then says that his source “wasn’t sure how Microsoft intended to implement any anti-used game system in the new machine.”

Oh, right.

Well, assuming it requires an online activation (that surely can’t be that far fetched now given that most console owners only buy the machine to play Call of Duty against people they’ve never met) there might be a digital signature on each disk that connects to Live and then ties that disk with –

– oh.  No.  It really is bonkers.

There’s going to be a new Kinect with it though – that much is absolutely certain.  Hopefully this one will be a bit more accurate and / or be accompanied out of the stable by a brand new copy of Dance Central 3.

“As an innovator we’re always thinking about what is next and how we can push the boundaries of technology like we did with Kinect,” said Microsoft in some kind of vague response to the rumours.

“We believe the key to extending the lifespan of a console is not just about the console hardware, but about the games and entertainment experiences being delivered to consumers. Beyond that we don’t comment on rumors or speculation.”

Don’t blame you, mate.



  1. I heavily doubt this is true, but in the case that it is…. not on, Microsoft, or for that matter any company which attempts to fully block off used games for people. I barely tolerate online passes.

    • ‘ the console will use Blu-ray disks to store game content and it is rumoured that they are working on locking it to one console’ – woah strong flashback to 2006 and waitin for the PS3 to release following rumours like this. The idea was proposed and dropped by Sony 6 years ago. Like you, i really don’t think it will go anywhere this time either!

  2. If company does it, they’ll all do it.
    RIP pre-owned market.

    • If this is real, and it could trickle over to the Playstation platform, then it’s RIP console gaming for me.
      It’ll be a very cold day in Hells before I purchase a console that prevents me from bying a used game or taking a game over to a mates house.

      • thats the issue i have with all these pre-owned, code using, activating type work arounds by publishers.(and maybe console makers now). I really couldn’t care less about the used game market, but what i do care about is not being able to take a game, that i have purchased, from new, and take it round a mates house with a box of beers. disgraceful if this sort of thing stops that from happening!

        Not all gamers just sit in a dark room and shoot strangers in the face online!!!! Some of us actually game socially! in the same room! (shock)

    • If it’s on the cards for one, it’s on the cards for all… Just look at online passes & how quick everyone (except Activision) were to get onboard.

      • yeah, but online passes are something totally different. They have to keep the servers in the air longer than without pre-owned.
        If they implement this in an “offline” mode….. :-!

      • It is totally different

        But what I was meaning is that if tech is available & importantly marketable for one company to stop pre-owned running on the machine, then it’s available & marketable for all companies.

      • That tech alreay exists. Simply have a one time code in the box that unlocks “going beyond the title screen”. They are already capable of locking out part of the content on a disk, this is simply going all the way.

        Oh, and I don’t believe they will actually do this (yet), too meny people would choose to not buy at all.

  3. well this`ll present the hackers with a good…oh say….2 weeks of difficulties before its hacked out, stuff like this is just like throwing down a gauntlet really.
    Sound business strategy mind you but this will really open up the “do i own this copy of the game or not argument” again.
    I feel sorry for those who work in 2nd hand shops to be honest, it must suck having these kind of things pop up and make you worry about your job.

    • Totally agree.. This is exactly the kind of thing that would make the hacking community take notice.

  4. Online pass built into the disk I can deal with (-ish), but if it’s to completely block out second hand games, then, to quote Farnsworth, “I don’t want to live on this planet any more.”

  5. I can see a lot of people hacking into it just to be able to play preowned games. If it is true, there will be a massive decrease of the amount of games that get bought brand new as 50% of gamers trade in their games to help with the cost of the new game.

    And it gives someone a chance to get a game that they didn’t pay any interest in at release. What is it with companies not realising that the preowned market supports the gaming market?

    I really hope it’s not restricted to one account as that would annoy a lot of people and kill the rental market as well. You wouldn’t be able to lend a game to a mate.

    If this is true, then i will lose a lot of respect for MS(their gaming division) and will flat out refuse to buy any of their consoles as that is the worst possible way to treat preowned copy holders.

    • But if the xbox isn’t capable of playing preowned games, shops won’t buy them off people, so you’d only be able to get them on eBay or whatever.

      • Thats the problem, lots of people sell their games to fund new ones, if they can’t do that, it will probably lead to reduced sales of new games because people won’t be able to sell their old games.

        I agree this is an absolutely terrible idea, preowned is fantastic, I don’t see why people think they can do this with games. Nobody has online passes for the special features of a DVD, or some extra tracks on a CD. If this is true, then I will not be happy.

      • that’s crazy talk there bacon, looking further than the next week or so is just something not done in this industry, understand?

        now lets have no more talk of repercussions and long term effects and concentrate on the here and now.


        for some reason i feel like i need to point out this is a joke in case somebody takes me seriously.

      • and Tony, it depends if it’s the whole game or just the online part.
        shops happily trade in games with online passes.

        so if this is true and it’s just for online then you’ll still find them preowned.

  6. Ooooo Dance Central 3.

    • I know right?

    • Haha, focussing on more interesting news since March 2009 :p

  7. The concept of online passes I can live with, but potentially locking you out of a full game just because it’s 2nd hand is absolutely absurd. This would surely mean renting games would be out of the question or lending games to a mate? I seriously hope this rumour is false.

  8. Another possibility, uses part writeable bluray to burn console serial code and only works with that console. Console dies and your ****ed.

  9. Rumours, I must listen to Fleetwood MAC more.

    • Saw that album in ASDA for a £5 the other day, was incredibly tempted :/

    • Wonderful album, although I am partial to a bit of Tango In The Night.

      • excellent album. Had it on recently infact.

      • 1969 Blues Jam in Chicago. Even better still :)

  10. This… would just kill the console business, simple as that… hope it never sees daylight horrible idea.

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