Blockbuster: Exclusive Wayne Rooney DLC With Tiger Woods 13

Those who pre-order Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 from Blockbuster will receive exclusive DLC golfers to use in the game.

The content includes footballers Wayne Rooney, James Milner, Theo Walcott and Petr Cech. The second pack features Ice Hockey legend Jeremy Roenick, NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, NBA superstar Dwight Howard and former boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard.


“We will continue to provide customers with unbeatable content which no-one else can offer” said Blockbuster.

Content that no one else can offer as no one is crazy enough to imagine Wayne Rooney as DLC for a golf game!

What have you got planned as your next exclusive, Blockbuster? Dale Winton DLC for Killzone 3? How about replacing the cast of Batman: Arkham Asylum with the Loose Women? A FIFA 12 team consisting solely of past and present members of the Sugababes?

Source: Press release



  1. Gets a big fat WTF from me.

    • Whatever next Pac-man in Streetfighter.


      • You’ll be thinking Kratos was in Mortal Combat next or Ezio in Soul Calibur.

      • Kombat*.

        Had to be done.

      • Kratos in Soul Calibur aint so bad, just imagine if they put him in a golf game too.

        wait a minute. >_>

      • aww crap, meant in Mortal Kombat, not Soul Calibur, .
        joke ruined. :(

      • Kratos was in Soul Calibur on PSP.
        Joke saved. :)

  2. What. The. Hell.

  3. Surely not that weird really? Hell Tony Hawk’s used to have Spider-Man in it!

    • No it used to have Tony Hawk in a spiderman costume.

      • You could be a Call Of Duty soldier in Tony Hawk and Iron Man!

    • And didn’t Uncharted2 have Chimera running around in the MP

  4. Wait what? *checks to see if Teflon or Dan has spiked his drink* Nope, then wtf? Why? Who wants to play as a footballer in a golfing game? I would understand if it was a character from another game but footballers? O-o

    • Good way to sell DLC. Since it’s players from each of the “big four”. Some footie fans will want to play with their respective teams’ representative….I imagine.

      • If it was the ‘big four’ teams Spurs would be there, ygm?

      • Well, the big four over the past few years. Plus, Van Der Vaat couldn’t make it past the 15th without picking up an injury.

  5. What the hell? What the hell? What the hell?

  6. “A FIFA 12 team consisting solely of past and present members of the Sugababes?”

    Who needs so many bench players? :P

    As for the actual news: wtf?

  7. Ah what the hell, might as well join these comments = wtf….. indeed.

  8. I take it that as EA have the rights to those footballers from Fifa, they’re just chucking them in so they can hopefully make more money with DLC sales?

  9. I’m surprised Tevez isn’t there! :p

    • He was asked if he would like to be included – he huffed and puffed and refused apparently…

  10. Apparently they are all keen golfers when not on the pitch. Would have thought it far better to include them in the NFS franchise though

    • I hear Christiano Ronaldo is going to appear with Ferrari DLC in Burnout: Crash.

      • lol that one made me laugh – Takedown in the Tunnel

      • :)

        I would also like to see Jermaine Pennant as a playable “cheat” character in NFS: Hot Pursuit to avoid fines. Apparently he got pulled over for speeding by police once and said he was Ashley Cole – instant legend, lol!

      • I thought the Ryan Dunn DLC was out for Burnout Crash instead…too far?

      • Well, you’re certainly pushing the boundaries

      • What am I doing, I loved Ryan Dunn :P

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