Insomniac’s Ted Price Explains Why They’re Done With Resistance

It wasn’t the way Insomniac wanted the news to come out, for sure, but their brief interview made headlines that spread ike wildfire and – as a result – left a lot of Resistance fans out in the cold without much of an explanation.

Enter the boss Ted Price in this lovely video message.


He says Resistance has reached its “logical conclusion” in terms of the story arcs that they wanted to tell.  Gracefully, he mentions that Nihilistic are working on the next game, and thanks fans for all their input, both positive and negative.

He’s a nice guy, I’ve met him once and can’t wait to see what they do with Overstrike.



  1. In terms of narrative I think Resistance 3 was a total bodge towards the end. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t beat the game, but I would say don’t expect a satisfying “conclusion.”

    • Hopefully Nihilistic will be given the resources to make a console sequel sometime in the future, like the transition of the Sly franchise from Sucker Punch to Sanzaru.

      • I’d prefer if it stopped on consoles now.
        Remember Spyro post Insomniac? Or Crash post Naughty Dog?
        Don’t ruin Resistance.

      • They were owned by universal. Resistance is owned by Sony. I don’t think they’d let their franchises go the way of crash and sotto. The psp game was possibly the best resistance game and Insomniac didn’t make that

      • You can’t make Resistance any worse by giving it to another dev. Both R2 and R3 were abhorrent imo. I’m glad they’ve moved on, they’re obviously not committed to it, ie by joining EA, and the quality of their titles was diminishing.

    • agree with Jim here, not good at all. But hey ho.

  2. I always got the impression that Insomniac never knew where the story was going. There’s still a lot of unknowns. There’s also plenty of score for prequels.

    • Sorry should say scope. Stupid predictive text

    • Thats a good shout. Would love to see a prequel actually.

  3. ‘…but their brief interview made headlines that spread ike wildfire and…’
    Should there be an ‘l’ added to ike? :)

    • Ike Wildfire – superb name for a cowboy. Or porn star.

  4. Ah, Ted Price. Always comes across as a top bloke and much respect for R3 avoiding so many of the things that plagued R2. Feedback was critical and Insomniac went public with things which was a breath of fresh air.

    Good luck to all future endeavours.

  5. Did Nihilistic make the PSP Resistance? That was good, I hear.

    I look forward to seeing where Resistance goes from here, and what Insomniac do with Overstrike.

    • No that’s Bend studios who are the ones that are making Uncharted Golden Abyss.

      • Ah I see, thanks for that.

  6. RIP Insomniac :-(
    I like Insomniac & Ted Price but i think their next game(the Multi-format one)will got the same way as ‘Enslaved: Odyssey the West’ i.e no one will buy it. If they make another brilliant PS3 only R&C game then i will buy it but a Multi-format game from them doesn’t interest me at all. Sorry Ted(dy)’Bear’Price LoL

    • Name: Jboo
      Job Title: Doom and Gloom Merchant

      “RIP Insomniac” – seriously! You are not a happy bunny.

    • Jboo, are you for real?

    • Why do you dislike multiplat games? I’m just curious. What if they make a brillant multi plat game?

      • I’m not sure how you haven’t noticed this, but JBoo is a blatant sony fanboy. I of course get the love for the big black beast, but the hate for other platforms for no obvious reason (bar the fact it isn’t their console of choice) baffles me to be honest.

        Then again, i dont really get fanboyism at all really – Competition is healthy as far as i am concerned.

      • I know, i was just curious to why he seems to hate multiplat games.

  7. When Ted turns his head, I could swear I had a better radio signal for a few moments.

    • You horrid, horrid creature.

      • I thought you liked it whenever Hanny is a bad girl. ;) *flees*

      • You make it sound like she can switch this abominable trait off. Evil, I tells ya. EVIL.

      • And, yet you stick with her. ;-) GTOWN is starting to feel left out, Mike. :p

  8. Fair enough, i rather have them stop doing the Resistance games when they feel they can’t do any more story wise then trying to continue with the story and could result in some poor games.

    I wonder if the Resistance franchise will focus on the bits inbetween each resistance?(if possible).

  9. I don’t mind them leaving the franchise now, but in no way has a concluision been reached in the story.


    There are so many questions left unanswered, is it the end of the chimera, are the feral chimera still a threat, will humanity now survive?


      Totally agree, they in no way concluded everything in Res 3. I mean, I was reading about another race the Chimera once fought before Earth was populated, and that is just completely ignored! And have the feral chimera just given up now the worm-hole’s gone? Plus, they survived fine on their own before the worm-hole, so surely the Chimera are still around?? We need to see Russia!


        I know the Worm hole was actually posing a threat to them. They survived fine in Res1 and 2 taking over the world. What actually happened in Russia? Surely the Chimera have another leader? When I think about it it is an awful time to leave the series be.

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