Insomniac: ‘No More Resistance’

Insomniac games are waving goodbye to the toothsome Chimera to concentrate on multi-platform shooter ‘Overstrike’ and social gaming.


“We won’t be making any more Resistances,” said Insomniac CEO Ted Price.

The franchise will continue with developers Nihilistic at the helm for ‘Resistance: Burning Skies’ for PlayStation Vita.

Of course, there is always a chance that another developer will be tasked with taking this franchise even further but this seems like pretty definite confirmation that Insomniac have left it behind them.

Source: VG247.



  1. As a multi-platform developer it’s no surprise they won’t be working on an IP owned by another company, targeting only half the market when they can work on their own and target the whole market.

    • Resistance…1 epic, 2 good, 3 shite, psp outing great. I wont trade any in, but 3 disappointed me badly…killzone 2 n 3 take the fps pedestal for me now and forever more, both on and offline. Best fps fo sho!

    • I hope they, or someone else, can expand on the Ratchet and Clank story for at least one more series. Leaving it on ALL4ONE is like leaving it on a cart racer.

  2. To be honest, I think the last two have been pretty rubbish anyway. Makes sense for them to concentrate on their next venture.

    • Have to agree with you about the second one – I really tried to like it but it’s gathering dust after doing about a quarter of it.
      But just finished the 3rd and I loved it, so shame they’re not doing another.

      • really, I didn’t enjoy the 3rd one either. Found it a little boring and didn’t get the feel to pick it up again.

    • I agree with you there Bilbo. One has to know when to quit.

      • I gave up on the second one because I just couldn’t seem to find any of the characters I was meant to be following so ended up running round like a headless chicken getting shot at.
        I enjoyed the 1st so thought give the 3rd a go and it just clicked.
        I was thinking of going back to 2 again and giving it one more last go, but I’ve just started Deus Ex so I’ll probably not bother.

  3. I have given Resistance 3 a hard time since it’s release (saying it’s overrated and the enemy AI is poor at times). I still stand by those comments but I guess opinion was slightly tainted since I’m not hugely into sci-fi and I thought the environments were bland towards the end, (but those are what you get with aliens I suppose). However since playing it through again, it has reminded me how good the early levels are, and some of the graphics and cut-scenes are superb, particularly the weather in places. It reminds me of Half Life in places which is no bad thing, so it will be a shame, I would have probably picked up Resistance 4.

    But what with CoD and BF taking up most of online shooters, I can see why they are going multi-format.

    • I can’t, it’s the most crowded genre so they are going to have to be extra special to stand out.

      • Well even if the game sells a small amount on PS3 (for example), and is not very profitable, surely the profit margins for porting it to other formats and selling an equally small amount would be quite good? What I’m trying to say is, smaller sales across more formats might be more profitable than medium sales on one format. I could be wrong, just a thought…

    • Playing it through on coop with you is great fun. So far the level design and presentation is superb, but once you get to New York it goes incredibly repetitive and bland unfortunately.

      • Couldn’t agree more! Likewise, I’m lucky to have you carrying me through Superhuman….otherwise I’d most certainly have died. Lots. ;)

      • haha! Same here though, I just get lucky as they always aim for you thats why I dont get downed a lot.

      • I hope that’s some if it, as I don’t normally suck at a game so much, honestly!! Lol

        It’s good fun either way! Hopefully the more boring levels later on won’t be so bad co-op.

      • lol. Hopefully they should be good, once on the terroforma everything goes rubbish.

      • Yup!

        Any luck with those 2 trophies?

      • Got a headache after playing it for over an hour, haven’t gone back since. Will try tonight, and also I will get Corpse Wagon tonight as well.

      • Good man – I’m gonna try and see if I can get a couple between now and Sunday!

      • good good, should have the campaign wrapped up in about 2 weeks, might be a push to finish sunday and monday!

      • going on it now, hope I get the bastard trophies.

  4. I loved the more straight forward gameplay of the original, not so much the sequels.

  5. I hope they still make some more PS3 only ‘Ratchet & Clank’ games :P (YEP, i still LOVE’EM :P I got them all & they never get boring) Playing ‘R&C:All 4’ one with 3 other people online the other night was MEGA-FUN:P But saying that i hope they go back to doing the normal excellent R&C games;) + The ‘Resistance’ games were ok(not played number 3 yet)

  6. Fair enough. I wish other devs would take note and learn when it’s best to put a franchise to bed.

    I’ve enjoyed Resistance from start to finish (although R2 was a bit “meh”) but the final instalment was great stuff. Might see if I can corner Hannypoppie into playing that co-op with me when she’s over in the UK.

    • FILTH!

      • I’ll get AG2297 in so he can monitor our behaviour.

    • I thought you had her locked up in your “sex cave”? ;)

  7. While the declining sales across the series, particularly with 3, would make this all seem reasonable, there are just so many plot threads that haven’t even been remotely concluded for me to think this is the end.

  8. Cool, now they can get back to work on creating a good Spyro game for the first time since 2000!
    No? :(

    • I would like that. I’m not even acknowledging Skylanders as a real Spyro game. :/

    • Couldn’t agree more. I was praying for the same thing :P

  9. Resistance = Awesome launch title and still a lot of fun to play
    Resistance 2 = Absolutely dreadful. Only just managed to play it through to completion
    Resistance 3 = Great return to form though the online wasn’t quite as strong as R1

    Glad they are going out on a high at least :) Overstrike looks cool

  10. Big shame but things move on!
    Can’t believe the lack of love for R2? Only has the best co-op game of all time! 8 player on superhuman difficulty is sublime with mates!

    • i used to play r2 co-op everyday, i loved it! too bad they never released new co-op maps, we just played the same missions over and over for over a year till we moved on to mag. lol

      i was disappointed with r3, i feel they took out everything that was great in r2 (i never played r1).

      the 30v30 matches were really fun and playing 8v8 was boring to me. =/

      • I agree with pretty much all of that. Whoever decided to remove the co-op mode deserved to be taken outside and shot with an Auger.

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