Nihilistic Software To Reboot As nStigate Games

Resistance: Burning Skies developer Nihilistic are to reboot their own company, moving away from boxed products and focusing on digital downloads and mobile games.

The company say no staff will be laid off but “over the next couple months we’ll get leaner as some of our talent finds new homes, and emerge as a smaller and more focused company.”

Nihilistic will “fade into the sunset” and nStigate Games will begin its own story, according to the blog post. nStigate should also be given a good slap for having such a terrible name, in my opinion. Still, it’s nice to see a company restructuring without layoffs and without leaving debts.

Nihilistic’s last game will be Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified for PlayStation Vita which will be released on November 13.

Source: Nihilistic 



  1. SEGA (mostly), Lightbox, now Nihilistic. Mobile’s the future.

    • for company that fail at retail maybe.

    • That’s why Facebook’s top development studio is making more money than they thought they would? Oh wait. They aren’t.

      Bottom line is, if you games suck (or lack marketing in War-/Starhawk’s case) you are going to have a hard time, no matter what platform you are on. Mobile games are very popular right now, as was the Wii a few years ago. The market is changing and in the gaming sector faster than ever. The mobile market will change, too. Zygna’s business is slowing down. User numbers are rising but less people are willing to actually spend cash on their games. It would be stupid to write off one market and claim another as the sole solution.

    • It is an independent console game developer located in Marin County, California. … retail boxed game development, and re-forming as Stigate Games. modded xbox 360 controller

  2. Best news today lol

  3. Can’t help but feel that this holds similarities to when HDNL rebranded as Yodel…

    I don’t doubt that these guys could make great games, but Resistance BS was pretty rubbish, and CoD:BOD doesn’t look like it’s going to be much better…

    • So it’s a case of Nihilistic wanting to avoid a reputation for making sub-par games, by saying “that wasn’t us, that was the last guys, our stuff’ll be great”?

    • Do you think Nihilistic were giving people a hint as to what the game (Resistance: BS) was going to be like? ;)

  4. Terrible company name, tc. With you on that one. Although, hats off to them for going with (what sounds like) voluntary redundancies over the coming weeks and months as oppose to kicking people out of the door willy-nilly.

  5. Maybe they should sell Resistance for 0.99$ :p

  6. There are too many free games out there, and free to play games. You can actually legally avoid paying for enough games that you will probably never have to spend any money. I’ve got more Android games than I can play and I’ve never had to pay a penny, and as a result I’m never going to pay for an Android game. No paid for game will appear value for money.

    The money is still really in console games but there is a lack of innovation (games like the Unfinished Swan and in the minority by far) and too many games flooding certain markets (if only someone could flood the vita’s a bit).

    Everyone thinks they can make money in games but in reality far less can now. You either have to be very small with a tiny budget or massive with huge resource to stand a chance of making money. When you’re small and making mobile games there is far less risk.

  7. It certainly is a poor name for the company.

  8. Same shit, different name

    • And until now, same name, different shit :D

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