Nintendo Conference Outlines Plans For This Year

Last night’s Nintendo Investment Meeting has highlighted the company’s plans for the near future, setting out a few goals and letting slip a couple of nice nuggets of information about their current and upcoming consoles.

On the Wii U (which is rumoured to be undergoing a last minute name change after the rampant confusion seen with DS/3DS) we’re hearing that the system will have individual user accounts (yay) and something called Near Field Communication, which looks like a mixture of StreetPass and the ability to scan/touch things nearby.


Miyamoto said that, with respect to online, the Wii U’s network “has to have a totally new concept to be different,” whatever that might mean.

Over on the 3DS, this next (fiscal) year will see a new Super Mario game (a side-scrolling 2D one) and what sounds like micro-transactions: “If a Super Mario user gets tired, we can then sell digital extras which will drive extra revenue, encourage higher communication amongst users, and possible increased satisfaction and hardware install bases.”

There are 200 3DS games in development.

In general, Nintendo said there are still several “new, previously unconsidered alliances and partnerships” on the table, and they are thinking of allowing full retail title downloads on both 3DS and Wii U once they figure out how.

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  1. Glad to hear about the individual user accounts. A name change would be a good idea too, it would remove confusion for casual gamers (plus “WiiU” is a dreadful name lol)

  2. Changing the game probably won’t have a huge impact outside the sites like this and their regular readers. None of my family had ever heard of the Wii U when I slagged the name off.

    I think sometimes I forget that us(people that read/contribute to gaming sites) are still very much in the minority.

    • very much so, nothing has really been mentioned in the media other than gaming websites about the Wii U, and probably wont be until nearer to release. The name is rubbish though, they need to come up with something better.

  3. NFC is a great way for paying for cheap items, wish Apple would include it so the tech would really take off, it’s gaming uses with the tablet controller could be interesting.

    It definitely needs a name change, sounds quite a capable console & confusing it with the Wii is a bad idea

  4. Micro Transactions in a Mario Game, Seriously???

    Naff online RPG’s and Farm Sims, yeah I can see how it works, but on a 2D Platformer?

    Not good at all.

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