Leaked “Trials Evolution” Videos Posted, Pulled

Trials HD is one of the best games on the Xbox 360 Live platform. It’s addictive, nice to look at and plays brilliantly.  The sequel, affectionately dubbed Trials Evolution, is meant to be out soon.

So soon, in fact, that videos of the game have started to appear on YouTube, although Ubisoft are pulling them down.


Some are reporting that the game has been leaked, but we’re tempted to think it’s more likely that a version of the game has surfaced on PartnerNet, the developer system used to test games in progress.  Certainly a quick Google suggests that if it is on torrents (like Develop are claiming) search results don’t indicate that yet.

The first game was pushed to torrent sites by the developers themselves in a bit to “take advantage” of piracy, although since RedLynx were bought out by Ubisoft we’d suggest this isn’t the case this time.

The game appears to be a 1.2GB download.



  1. the first game was great, but some of the later levels were nigh on impossible.
    and there was no easy way to get user created levels.
    hopefully they can do something about that for the sequel.
    though being on xbox means you’ll probably need gold to download them.

  2. HATED Trials HD! Nothing wrong with it, just games like that drive me crazy!! :s

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