News Snatch: Freebies, Wii U Hacked And Orange & Teal

Let’s start today by having a good look at Insomniac’s new multi platform shooter, Fuse, as EA have released a new trailer. The team of generic soldiers is still in place with square jawed action hero (Chris Redfield’s dad?) and slinky redhead featuring prominently in the new video. The cast of Haze are back and oh look, a mini boss with a chain-gun, not at all like every other game.

Whilst studying the video the penny has dropped, the ultimate reason why Fuse looks so utterly, utterly generic –  it’s ‘orange and teal’. If you do not know what that means then read this, although I should warn you once you are aware of the orange and teal phenomenon then it may ruin many movies – and indeed games.


Free stuff ahoy: Noisia have released a new track from the score of the forthcoming DmC: Devil May Cry. You can download ‘Mundus’ by tickling this link. Not game related but still free, The Guardian his posted 39 world music tracks that you can download for free, why not have a listen, you may discover something you like?

Free stuff ahoy pt 2: Episode one of the award winning The Walking Dead from Telltale Games is free on iOS for a limited period, click here for the link.

Free stuff ahoy pt3: Uncharted 3 multi player is to receive free festive treats including ‘Present Head’ Nathan Drake, a t-shirt which has Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra wearing a cheery elf costume and the ‘Block Mesh Lab map’.

Assassin’s Creed III has received a patch, and they’ve actually called it a patch this time not an ‘enhanced user experience’. There are a number of fixes for both the single player and multi player although it does seem they may have cut a few corners when sorting the problems, one of the fixes is “A DEADLY PERFORMANCE: fixed a music glitch by making a cinematic not skippable.”

The Godus Kickstarter page has had a sudden burst of activity and is now only £30,000 short of its target.

wiiu It looks like the Wii-U has been hacked, renowned system cracker fail0verflow has posted this image along with the cheeky quote “The Wii U is a system we can all enjoy together – Reggie Fils-Aime”.  Digital Foundry are reporting that “Non-descript security keys also being posted.”

Visceral have revealed that the original Dead Space game almost had co-op. Dead Space‘s executive producer Steve Papoutsis described to Digital Spy why (thank god) it never made it to release.

“Dead Space 1, we turned on co-op at the end, we were running around at the very end of development just to see if we could do it,” he said. “We could do it, but it was way too [late] in development, it didn’t make sense with the story, we weren’t ready to do it but it was something that we thought about.”

Steve was asked why Dead Space 2 had a rather useless multiplayer portion rather than co-op.

“If you play Dead Space 2 you remember that it was a space station city and the idea was as Isaac and Ellie and everyone was going through they were running through the aftermath of the outbreak, and the outbreak was what you were doing in Dead Space 2 multiplayer, so it made sense story-wise.”

And now, a fat bloke plays Fruit Ninja for real.

Capcom’s bank balance is looking less healthy after sales of Resident Evil 6 fell short of their targets. “Sales of the major new title Resident Evil 6 were initially strong but subsequently weakened,” the company said in a statement, as a result they have slashed their profit estimates by 11%.

EA are flinging court cases around like they are going out of fashion, this time they are pitting their legal eagles against those of Textron, the parent company of Bell Helicopters. Textron argue that EA needed to license the use of its vehicles in Battlefield 3, EA thinks that “it did not need a license agreement for the helicopters in Battlefield 3 because it considered its usage expressive, and therefore protected by the 1st Amendment.”

We end with a trailer for the Trials Evolution ‘Riders of Doom’ DLC which has new challenges, new rules and a new bike.


  1. I wonder why Resi 6 failed to reach it’s target? Could it have been that it was average at best? Tried to please everyone and fell flat on it’s arse trying to do so or the overuse of QTES and lack of horror? Or that it focuses on action rather then horror and that some characters acted as if they didn’t know what a zombie was despite killing a lot of them in Raccoon city? I could go on but shall stop.

    What’s Battlefeild? ;) Not surprised EA are going to be involved with another lawsuit as they have a habbit of attracting trouble of late. But i’m sure it’s nothing to do with their profits before quailty motto thus them not checking if they needed to pay Textron.

    Yeah, Dead Space 2 is considered to the death of Dead Space and that the MP was an insult to injury by many fans. DS3 looks like it’s going the way of Resident Evil. That or someone did mix up the files for Lost Planet 3 and DS3 but decided to make it look like DS3 to cover up their mistake.

    Also there has been a theft of 7000 WII Us in America. Not suprised it’s been hacked as everything has been hacked. Am surprised it wasn’t at launch as that happened to the 3DS. :O

    Why do i suspect that the Mundus song will be a shite dubstep song? Because every demonic emperor tends to have Dubstep as their theme instead of a theme song that represents the character. DMC, stop giving me more reason to have a bitter view of you!
    Already refusing to adknowledge this as a DMC game so i won’t be surprised if Mundus fights him despite it being an origin/alterenate/we will keep changing our minds untill you are happy.

  2. Sweet, i enjoyed the Walking Dead demo, i don’t know how it’ll play on a Touch screen, that is the screen of an Ipod Touch, not a touchscreen, if it even works on my 3rd gen touch.

    mind you’ i’m sure i read somewhere that the first episode was also gonna be free on xbox.

    it might have been on TSA actually.

    i can’t see how ea are gonna win that case.
    what would that say about all those exclusive licenses ea have with various car manufacturers, or sports leagues, couldn’t other games feature those cars or sports and defend their use by citing the 1st amendment?

    and that would only apply to the US anyway, wouldn’t it?

    i really doubt being able to use another companies product like this without their permission was what the lawmakers at the time had in mind when they drafted the 1st amendment.

  3. Anyone know how you get the free Uncharted 3 stuff, I didn’t see if on the Store?

    Also for free (on the Store today): MotorStorm RC Snowman car and LBP2 Winter Season Creator DLC.

  4. EA using the 1st amendment… what?

  5. I thought Tuffcub was taking the piss with music glitch for AC3. I reckon if Ubisoft give themselves a bit of time, they’ll realise exactly what that sentence means; that is, if they will both to look again.

  6. I’ll be looking 4 teal & orange in every film/game now after clicking that link!

  7. Fuse really suffered because of the image change and I think it will show at retail once it hits store shelves.
    As for the teal & orange article: Not really bothered by that and some of it is just pulled out of thin air. Not trying to defend Michael Bay but Bumble Bee was always orange and as far as I know the color of the sky hasn’t changed, either. Are we living in the Matrix and someone changed our skin tones and the sky to make it “pop” visually? Sure, some of it has been tweaked in post processing but I’m sure you could pull just as many screenshots from recent movies that would prove a completely different pair of complementary color thesis.
    Say what you want but Tron (and Legacy) looks amazing. The complimentary application of colors looks great in that movie and even if it was a black and white movie, the soundtrack would be enough to make it awesome.

    • Teal and orange is everywhere, me and hubby were watching Magic Mike a few days ago and there is a beach scene and as soon as it’s up hubby goes “Teal and orange” – and it was. The sky and sea were almost green.

      • Stupid long link but..,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.d2k&bpcl=40096503&biw=934&bih=587&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=OtnSUPylFcec0AWa4IAY#um=1&hl=en&safe=active&tbo=d&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=teal+and+orange+film&oq=teal+and+orange+film&gs_l=img.3..0i24.43705.44327.0.44504.…0.0…1c.1.gUBC5IIgMIQ&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.d2k&fp=1e55b6e899855469&bpcl=40096503&biw=1103&bih=587

        Tiintin, Indy, Harry Potter, Prometheus, Dexter, Cowboys & Aliens, Avatar, The Avengers.. all teal and orange.

      • While a teal sky definitely isn’t that natural, water can be. I get the point but it’s not all just Hollywood being full of idiots. It makes sense. You want the audience to focus on the actor and not distract them away with something in the background of a shot. Caucasian skin tones usually are somewhere between red and yellow so it only makes sense to complement that with something between green and blue. Not saying it’s not overused but you would have to use a very special art style to completely get rid of these color schemes (think Amelie, Sin City, 300…).

      • Damnit, forgot to copy&paste my comment before hitting Post and the browser crashed… Anyways:

        My problem with this thesis is that if you actively look for something like the colors, you will always find something, even if you only get close. There are just as many shots in the link where the colors only come close with a little imagination. Yellow, red, blue and green are very common and so is skin color when you have a movie played by humans so making the connection is very easy…
        Have you seen the movie 13 with Jim Carrey? It’s basically the same principle applied to numbers instead of colors. You wouldn’t believe how many references to the number 13 I’ve found after walking out of that movie. The thing is, I would have found just as many references to 12 of 14 if I had actively looked for them.

        As for the movie Avatar: You can hate on it for so many reasons, but definitely not for being “Teal & Orange”. Knowing about this phenomenon is clouding your judgement. Just because a movie features these two colors, doesn’t mean it fits the thesis. Avatar features so many bright and different colors besides teal and orange. Vast green jungles and purple glowing plants at night are featured prominently throughout the movie. Of course you can pick out screenshots that feature a teal and orange theme but I can do that by just looking around the room I’m sitting in right now.

  8. The real Fruit Ninja guy made me lol!!!

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