WeView Verdict: Batman: Arkham City

I loved Batman: Arkham City and when I apply everything that the internet has taught me to that condition, I come up with the conclusion that anyone who disagrees with me is a moron. That’s how it works, right? Well, it seems that we have some morons around and who am I to stand in the way of a perfectly incorrect opinion? So here are some people who have made their way onto “the list” with their comments about Batman: Arkham City.

[drop]First up, Tuffcub said it was dull so he’s on the list before I even carry on reading his comment. Nofi said “I can’t think of anything worse.” so he’s going straight to the top of my list. That’s just the staff.

Some of you, usually sane, community members also seem to have suffered from some temporary insanity which will not be forgiven. Eldav0 said that Batman was “a half decent game but certainly a huge disappointment”. TSBonyman made a couple of valid points about how irritatingly Warner Brothers handled the Catwoman DLC but it all sounded a little bit negative so we’ll still add him to the list. Yogdog said that although he – and his whole spectating family – enjoyed Arkham Asylum, he didn’t like Arkham City at all, saying that he “didn’t enjoy it in the slightest”. Yogdog points out that he’s not trolling which I’m sure is true but it’s not keeping him off the list.

At this point, I’d like to apologise. I was reading through all the comments but the baffling amounts of negativity caused a psychotic break and I’ve spent the past seven hours watching rain drops run down the outside of my window. Luckily, I recalled something while my mind wandered, searching for some reason why you all have a different opinion to mine and must therefore be punished in some as-yet-unimagined way. I remembered seeing a comment from Theaface. He/She said “For me, Arkham City oozes quality and absolutely deserves the praise it’s received.” I am saved. A kindred spirit to help me fight back the madness you lot are intent on bringing.

[drop2]So when I went back to the comments I actually saw that there are several very positive feelings about the game. Kjkg said that “Nothing feels better than having a 100+ combo with a whole bunch of guys lying around you moaning.” Matthangzhou even said that it was his game of the year. Clearly, these people are my kind of dudes. These rakishly good looking, eminently intelligent folk are an inspiration to us all.

Joking aside, I was surprised at how many people seemed to find it underwhelming. There was a general feeling of ambivalence from many and several people who just didn’t like it at all. Perhaps the most representative comment was this one from shields_t:

after I was a few hours in, I realised I just wasn’t enjoying it as much as the original. Maybe that is because Batman’s gadgets were no longer cool and fresh, maybe because the original seemed so much more focussed on story without so many sidequests to distract or maybe it is because the new game felt like a simple retread of the original but with a larger play area to me. Having finished it, I still cannot really pin down what it was about Arkham City that just didn’t do it for me

Of those that remembered to leave a rating, nine would still recommend that you BUY IT. Five cautious souls said that you should miss out on the Catwoman DLC and RENT IT while two negative nellies said that you should AVOID IT completely. Only one person said that you should grab it from the BARGAIN BIN.

So the TSA Community WeView is a fairly close call but it still comes down to a recommendation that you should BUY IT.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another game for you to share your opinions on, if there’s anything you’d particularly love to see, let us know below.



  1. Arse – Completely forgot to give a weview for this one!

    Would have been a ‘Buy It’ anyway though, so i guess it’s no great problem that i didn’t get to waffle on about it!

  2. Ha, I think the only reason I voted bargain bin rather than rent was because I just don’t rent games!

  3. TSBoneyman? Ah… you’re still hurting from my “Peter’s sensibilities will take a batarang” pun i made in the past :P

    • oops, you got an extra “e”. Like the hot girl in the club.

  4. rawr. im batman.

  5. Yawn ;)

  6. Hahaha! Love the list, Peter. Keep those bastards on it. You just know they’ll be trouble for a while yet. ;-)

  7. “Nothing feels better than having a… whole bunch of guys lying around you moaning.” Good job you didn’t abridge the quote! :D

    For future notice, should my pearls of wisdom be worth sharing with the internet again, I’m a chap.

  8. Was hoping for more close results with this one. Judging by my AA experiences and opinions of others I was expecting more Avoid it’s.

  9. Haha sorry Peter! :D

  10. I had nothing to do with the unexplain surge of insanity among members. My lawyers can vouch for that. ;)

    I think the main problem with Batman:AC is that there is too many villains within a single storyline. Also, you get to beat up a shark.

    I suspect Tuffcub and Nofi will have less biscuits this week for daring to disagree with Peter(bloody dictator). :p

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