GAME Offers Vita For £80 With PS3 Trade-in

On the fence?  Get ready to fall off it – GAME and GameStation are both offering big discounts on Sony’s new handheld for anyone wanting to trade something in.

Fed up of your PS3?  Trade it in and you can walk away with a Vita for just £80.  Same for an Xbox 360.  Throw in your 3DS and the Vita’s yours for just £100.


There’s other deals too, including trade-in discounts for a Wii and old PSPs, although not (oddly) the PSPgo.  Tempted?  They’re really not that bad deals at all.

Via PocketGamer.



  1. The 3DS trade in price is the best deal I feel. If you bought one during the big price war that is

    • I think you are right there Tommyboy.

    • The 3DS is selling for £119! You could buy and trade one just to save yourself a tenner!! :S

  2. Quite tempted to trade in my fairly old 360 for an £80 Vita and get a newer 360…

  3. makes me want to trade in my Phatty now! was definately on the fence but now i feel like a consumer whore letting companies make decisions for me

    • Sadly the phatty isn’t on the list mate.

    • That is discrimination.

      • fail for me then, never mind, i’ll just have to wait then :(

  4. Never used my 360 for over a year so will check it out.

    • Just checked PocketGamer site and it’s only the slim model, booo!
      On the plus side you can get £50 off trading in a PSP (depending on model).

  5. PS3 is old…play on PC alot now so it would be nice I guess memory sticks and more games, what would be the PSP discounts be? again Wi-fi is damaged *cough*

    • £50 off for Slim & Lite/3000

    • So do I! what are your steam/Origin names? Always in need of more buddies to play online with!

  6. Hmm, I’m guessing this doesn’t include the old 360s. I have an original 20giger that is there for decoration and not a lot else.

    • Ooop, just noticed Cam the Man’s comment. Nevermind

  7. Does this include launch PS3’s?

    • just looked at the link and that is a no, fairly shit offers IMO.

      • agreed, PSP isnt too bad as the Vita will essential replace that anyway

      • All these prices pretty much take the new retail value of these consoles, takes £50 off that, and applies the result to the Vita prices.

        I think that’s pretty fair, if you’re looking to trade in.

      • Its just I dont think £80 for a £220 device whilst trading in a £285 worth PS3 is reasonable. That £140 for the PS3, no way, too much loss on it. The Wii get’s about a £30-40 discount and for the PSP’s there is no point trading in.

      • By the way I should mention I have 2 PS3’s. one launch 60GB and a new slim 320GB

      • It’s not worth £285 anymore, as I said. It’s like car insurance, they’ll only give you what your car is worth at the time you had a crash, not what you first paid for it.

        PS3 320GB with Uncharted 3 bundled goes for £229. Remove UC3 from this, and that’s £200. Take off £50, for overhead, reduced price and profit margin, and you get £150.

        Vita WiFi costs £229 from Game, so take £150 from that and you reach £79.

        They resell a Wii at £50, a 250GB 360 at £160, a 320GB PS3 at £185… etc. etc.

        None of those prices are making them a huge killing, except maybe the £35 for the PS3. If you think you could resell your PS3 for more on ebay, you’re welcome to do so, but Game are shouldering the risk here, and are trying to make a little slice of profit in the process. Considering that and their prices of resale, these aren’t too bad.

      • @Origami Killer – Well a PS3 isn’t worth £285 anymore. It’s worth £170, or even £150.

      • @Teflon
        The prices are same as last week, so it’s not a great offer.
        See my other comment.

        Although the prices ARE fair, it’s no different to every other week in Game Cork for me.

      • I meant the loss for myself on the PS3. If it was maybe £60 for the Vita then I would say it’s a good deal.

      • @colm: Well that’s another matter then. Taken at face value, it’s not bad. In context of last week’s trades it’s somewhat insulting.

        @Origami: That’s just how it goes. Value slides over time. It’s not a bad offer from Game, really, because they take the responsibility of selling it on, but you’d be able to get more if you did that leg work yourself.

    • Just have a 80gig, sad they wouldn’t be taken

  8. Bah, i guess it was too much to hope they would take an original PSP :)

    • Same here, wonder if they’d notice my imported Japanese PSP1000 if I tried to trade it

      • They will notice if the plug needs an adapter. Can sell the original online for a decent price still.

  9. I think trading in a 3DS is the best option here.

  10. Last week I was in Game, checked to see how much I’d get if I traded in my DSi. €60 quoted at me from their poster.
    This week, the poster says €50, but the Vita 3G would be only €239.99 if I trade in a DSi!
    So exactly the same as last week then. Cunningly disguised as an offer.
    PSP Slim and Lite was listed as €47 last week, now it’s €40, or my Vita can be €249.99. At least that gives me an extra €3!
    Don’t know about the other trade in values, as my own plan is to (probably) trade in DSi and PSP, haven’t been checking the others.

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