PS Vita Does Alien Autopsy

A new video on shows off the many uses of the augmented reality cards.

One section shows what seems to be an Invizimal scampering around palm trees and another – cute alert! – has the cards being used to create obstacle courses for puppies.


However the most bizarre use shows the AR cards being set out to create a life sized ‘grey’ alien which is the then x-rayed and sliced open to reveal the internal organs.

All this happens whilst someone eats the breakfast on the side of the table.

Unfortunately we cannot embed the video so click here to watch.




  1. Sony sent over a PDF of these cards the other day, but the software’s on the Store so I’ve not been able to test it. I think it’s free, though.

  2. The AR looks like something cool to mess around with. I love how with the tank game the projectiles bounce off the mugs etc.!

  3. That’s random but cool :)

  4. Looks amazing, a lot more impressive than the 3DS effort. But I can’t afford Vita so please stop giving out information on it now. NOW!

  5. Disgusting..

    Other than that, the tanks thing looks nice.

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