Amazon Details UK Vita Bundles

With about three weeks until launch, many retailers have started up with PS Vita pre-order bundles. have detailed their plans, and they seem pretty good.

First up, pre-ordering a Vita (WiFi or 3G) will bag you a free 8GB memory card. You can then add one of the following games for £15:

  • Asphalt Injection
  • Lumines
  • Rayman Origins
  • Michael Jackson: TheExperience
  • Dungeon Hunter Alliance
  • Virtua Tennis 4

Those who have already pre-ordered will be receiving promotional codes by February 7th so they can take advantage of this offer.

Alternatively, GAME are running offers of a WiFi Vita, select game and 4GB memory card for between £260 and £270. ShopTo have a number of Vita/game bundles spanning both WiFi and 3G models, but none seem to have a memory card included.



  1. Rayman and VT4 are both outstanding games.

  2. If I was buying a Vita at launch and using Amazon, It’d be a no brainer, definately Rayman Origins from that list!

  3. GAME for me – £269 – 4gb card, Uncharted, Wi-Fi Vita and preorder bonus which includes limited edition earphones and a discount on 4 games from the PSN Store, including Escape Plan which is the only other game I want! :)

    • That’s a great price

    • I think the pre-order bonus is a one off discount on 1 of the 4 games…still suits me. Ive got mine ordered from Toys’R’Us when they had a voucher:

      Vita Wi-fi £204.99
      Uncharted + 16GB memory Card £69.98

      • That is a good deal!

        Yeah, I only want 1 of those 4 games anyway! And a 4gb card should do me for a while since I don’t want too many games.

    • The Game deal?? It’s awful!! £270! for a vita, game and poxy 4GB card?! The ‘bonus’ pack is just a £5 voucher and some el-cheapo headphones!

      The Amazon and Morrisons (starts Monday 6th Feb) deals are SO much better…. to get my Vita, 8Gb memory, and Virtua Tennis for £236?! Now THATS a good deal!! Morrisons also Vita, Fifa12, 4GB card and £25 money off vouchers (for £250!)

  4. The Amazon order looks pretty decent, but I’m concerned about their ability to deliver for launch day – hopefully Shopto will throw up a similar offer in the not too distant future….

    • You don’t get the pre-order pack either.

  5. Wooooo – Michaal Jackson: The Experience.

    I’ll bet that’s quite an, er experience.

    • The controls were described as “mindless fumbling around the back with little reward”.

      • Brilliant, I’m guessing the touch screen wouldn’t work through a white glove as well.

      • Sounds like a statement made at one of Jacko’s court cases.

  6. Is anyone interested in the 3G version? Most places I look aren’t even listing it.

    • im getting the 3g version, so im future proof.

      • I was thinking the same thing.

        Do you know if it will require a data tarrif?

      • In what way would the Wifi only version be less “future proof” than the 3G version?

      • The 3G model has GPS, whereas the WiFi version only has a sort of pseudo-GPS based on WiFi hotspots. That’s the only reason I’m still on the fence over which model to get.

        If (almost) no-one gets the 3G model then developers probably won’t bother using its features, but later hardware revisions might all have GPS. The massive price difference is still pointing me towards the cheaper model though!

      • I can’t imagine that the lack of GPS would result in missing out on anything great. Surely they wouldn’t want to piss off any customers and the revenue in such a thing that only works for certain devices is probably not worth it.

      • That’s what I’m thinking, but there is always the risk of future hardware models all having the GPS chip, so then it would end up as a minority without the functionality rather than with, giving greater revenue possibilities.

  7. That’s a good deal, do you get the preorder pack as well with the Vita?

  8. had mine ordered from amazon for a while. can i just get the memory without paying 15 quid for a game, im download only for vita games.

  9. ..Eh choice of games aren’t nice, is it really mostly Ubisoft/gameloft games?

    Only thing that concerns is the launch day delivery.

  10. Just a few more sites/places to do some similar bundles and I think I might have to commit to a Vita.

    • Surely you only need one place to do a bundle, right?
      Although I could understand if you’d prefer to buy it physically rather than off the Internet..

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