UK PS Vita 3G Prices Rumoured

At the Glasgow Vita Rooms opening night last week there was some chatter about the Vita’s UK 3G pricing structure.  Although there wasn’t a concrete source for the information, it did seem to carry a little weight and we heard the same statistics from a number of people there at the event.

We had heard (and, of course, all this is unofficial) that the plan was for a £15 fee that gave you a GB of usage, but carried over to the next month and wasn’t on any kind of long term contract.  We discussed what we’d heard with SCEE and they declined to comment on the rumours.


However, a post up on NeoGAF suggests that the European offer might be very similar, with a Dutch PlayStation Community Manager saying a 3G Vita will come with 20 Euros of credit on the SIM and a simple top-up of the same amount will be enough to bag you a download of WipEout 2048.

We’d suggest that you – for the moment – take these claims with a pinch of salt.  Sony haven’t confirmed anything here in the UK yet and it’s easy for a rumour to escalate around such a closed environment, seeming more and more authentic as it goes, even though the report from Holland seems to trustworthy enough.

It might be true, it might not, but it’s not official.  We’ll obviously let you know if we get concrete information either way, though.



  1. Personally I don’t see the point of a 3G Vita. I doubt you can play games online with this type of connection, so if it’s just for downloading games it is likely to take a while and use valuable battery life. Each to their own though…

    • Yeah I don’t see it either – I guess they are trying to rival the iPhone craze – Wifi only for me please!

      • I guess however I’m more likely to play those 69p game on my phone, and save Vita battery for Vita only games such as Uncharted. Most people have smart phones and already have a contract, so why pay for a second lot of 3G downloads?!? Oh well, I guess it’s good for those without smart phones, and it’s not like I have to get a 3G one, so I shouldn’t complain. It just seems odd!

    • The only reason I can see for the 3G Vita is the GPS.

    • Wifi for me as well when I eventually pick one up.

      • 3G for me. Running a hotspot on a phone is likely to drain the battery a lot faster than usual. I’ve already got an extra SIM that shares it’s data quota with the main SIM. (Used for occasional use in an old backup phone, don’t want to bring the new phone to likelier to be lost/broken situations, costs me less that a beer a month)

      • Yeah, tethering is a ridiculous power drain.

        The main reason I want a 3G is if some game comes up with a good feature where it is improved by 3G, or if something like Near (or anything Sony might add in a firmware update) takes off, I wouldn’t need to update my console to get the most out of that feature.

        I’m already spending €250 on a portable- what’s €50 more? Plus, if you were to get it on Amazon, you’ve gotten a memory card for free.
        Don’t forget that Wipeout is free if you buy data for the 3G- and no contract!

      • Different country. I’ve heard of no such deal over here. I’m not sure there even will be any sim bundled in the box, if there is I’d have expected some announcement from one of the operators by now.

    • well i plan on using mine as a kind of phone so when im out and about i can message a mate who is on the ps3 etc. It only cost me £245 and i dont really want a phone anymore so this was a good alternative.

      • You don’t want a phone anymore?
        Strange to read that, any particular reason why?

      • They can become very expensive depending on how much you use it/ what phone you want. I also seem to break every phone I get :P I do look after my gadgets just phones seem to be my kyptonite. Facebook is doing the job of my phone just fine and that is costing me nothing.

  2. Trouble is if that killer game comes out that utilises 3G in such a new and revolutionary way you’d be pee’d not having the 3G version even though it is a lot of monies!!

    • I doubt that will happen as it could limit the game sales, if it is such an important aspect of the game. Plus then the game is always costing you more due to your 3G usage. And, you can always use such a feature in Wi-Fi. For me I’m generally at work or at home so always have access to Wi-Fi :)

      • If it’s part of a, say ‘3G edition’ it wouldn’t effect sales of the normal one.
        There’s a lot of folk live/work where there is no wi-fi so the 3G would make sense.

      • Sure, the 3G version will better suit some people. I was mean I can’t see a game having a 3G advantage to someone in a Wi-Fi spot/zone. They are both just a type of connection.

      • I don’t know about you, but I definitely spend more time in a 3G zone than a wifi zone the security allows me to connect to.
        In a hotspot, wifi is King, but anywhere else? 3G wins by default.

  3. I will buy the 3G one if the 3G pricing is attractive. No long term contract is a must. I’m just a sucker for new gadgets. May have to hold out until my March 6th payday

  4. 3g for me. the 3ds dual stick debacle scared me. i dont want add ons/ins on my vita

  5. Roughly how long would a GB last me if I only used my 3G for Near functionalities and web-browsing? At the moment I’m leaning toward the Wi-fi model.

    • well if you base it on similar mobile phone usage it would last me 6 months. fb,weather,google,twitter but no video streaming or big file downloads then i use 100mb max a month.

  6. I don’t see why anyone’s bothered about the 3G pricing, as it’s largely irrelevant. The Vita isn’t locked to Vodafone, so you can shop around and get any SIM you want, at a price which suits you.

    • I was thinking the same, a gifgaf sim would suit.

      • I got my Gifgaf sim a while ago i think its a fiver for 1gb or something sounds perfect to me.

  7. As long as it’s reasonable data rates on PAYG I’m still tempted to go with the 3G option, knowing I can always just switch the 3G off if I need/want to.

  8. It would be interesting that if providers ran a pay as you go, if they would have gifts or other reward systems, eg top up such and such and get this 69p game free

  9. I’ll sign up for the free Wipeout then swap to GiffGaff…

  10. Hmmm I think you pinched my story lol

    It was more than one Sony rep that confirmed this to me and they in fact said that 1 Gig could last over 3 months if you want it to etc

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