Game Informer Promises First “The Last Of Us” Screens

[drop2]The next Game Informer magazine will focus on The Last Of Us, it has been revealed.

We’ve been over the game in our preview last year, but precious few details have been put forth since then, including how the game plays – although it has since emerged that the game will be third person, a la Uncharted.


“The two leads are evidently long attached, grissled Joel (voiced by Troy Baker) playing off beautifully against the younger Ellie, characterised by Ashley Johnson, who also says that she’s done motion capture for her role alongside the vocal work,” we said in our preview.

“Flashbacks to The Road, then, although a tale that hopefully won’t be quite as bleak in the telling.”

“It’s been worked on for two years, too, with Neil Druckmann confirming that he’s the creative director on the project, which makes the total lack of any leaks all the more surprising,” our preview continued.

“And whilst Enslaved’s lead designer is also confirmed as being involved, Community Stategiest at Naughty Dog, Arne Meyer, is suggesting that this game won’t play like Enslaved.”

However, the magazine has a nice exclusive next month – “we visited Naughty Dog’s studio to see a full segment of The Last of Us played live,” they say.

Boasting somewhat, Game Informer claim they “landed a ton of details you won’t find anywhere else” and promise the first batch of (three) screenshots a little later today (at 4:00PM Central Time).

Update: Images and first details are here.



  1. Cool cannot wait to see more from this game thought the trailer was simply stunning,plus it’s good to see they have abit of help with the post apocolyptic looks from the guy who worked on Enslaved because that looked beautiful.

  2. Was just reading about this in the latest OPM and sounds amazing. Any new details will be great appreciated.

  3. Cool – Looking forward to hearing some more details about this, although nothing will put me off this game. The words Naughty Dog have me sold on anything they do and have done since the days of Jak.

    • Same here.

      Really wanna see some gameplay footage of this

  4. Looking forward to it! A serious GOTY 2012 contender this one.

  5. Not quite impressed, but then i’m getting sick of Uncharted as well.

    • Sick of Uncharted! Seriously? There’s no way i can get sick of Drake and his adventures, the mor the better i say. :)

    • to be fair you have not seen that much to say that.

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