Game of Thrones ‘Riverspring’ Trailer Released

A new trailer has been released for the Game of Thrones RPG, focusing on the problems at Riverspring. Due out “early 2012” (which is pretty much now isn’t it?) for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, we are hoping the game is as involving as the books are.

It certainly sounds good, with 30 hours worth of gameplay and intertwining story arcs. Hopefully some “slap king joffrey” DLC will also be on the way.

Source: Press Release



  1. I’ll think I will give this a miss.

  2. I can’t wait for this! I love Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones

  3. This better be good. The Song of Ice & Fire universe is amazingly well crafted and I would hate for this to ruin it.

  4. “Hopefully some “slap king joffrey” DLC will also be on the way.”

    -Surely what everyone wants is a bit of Dwarf-orgy content?

  5. This trailer just pushes the game further up my “want” list, although whether we’ll get to slap Joffrey (which I would happily do) depends on how far off piste they go from the books, and whether they are using “game of thrones” as a generic title for the entire series of books, of if this game just relates to the first book.

  6. Xbox Live and PSN logos are visible on the trailer. Possible DLC content, or will this be released online instead? It’s not bad, not great, but I’ll gloss over it if the story doesn’t wreck the canon.

  7. every time i hear something about the Game of Thrones game, or the Game of Thrones tv series i feel like i’m missing out.
    i haven’t even read the books yet. :(

    • Try watching the tv series if you get the chanch, it’ll help bring you up to speed.

    • Yea i haven’t read the books either but i have seen the first 4 episodes of the tv show, it’s so good, i’ll have to invest in the books sometime down the line as the books are always better imo.

  8. Didn’t read the books but loved the tv series.Game looks ok,glad they didn’t go for the 90s soft porn look of the southern kingdom.

  9. Just me or did that voice work lack a bit of enthusiasm?
    Definitely needed a bit of that deep, in-human American voice work ;)

  10. Watched the series , blew me away . Tyrion is awesome . Read the book and this week just finished the 2nd one in good time for the 2nd series this April … hopefully there’ll be a new player as good as Megaupload by then , at the moment downloading TV shows is a bloody nightmare .

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