Is Insomniac’s Second EA Game “Outernauts”?

It looks like Insomniac’s working on a second game alongside multiformat shooter Overstrike.

Over at NeoGAF, detective work has resulted in a remarkable find, starting with a registration for the name by the Resistance developers. From there, a simple Google search led the author of the GAF post to a page by EA listing the following titles:

  • The Secret World
  • Overstrike
  • Populous
  • Outernauts
  • Respawn

The page, entitled EAP Marketing FY13 (EA Partners, Fiscal year 2013) has since been edited, but it was created by a “pmarineau”, and there’s a Phil Marineau over at EA.  In fact, he’s the Director of Marketing.

The Secret World is a Funcom project, Overstrike is Insomniac, Respawn is still untitled, Populous is an unknown but Outernauts is locked mainly from the registration.

Interesting indeed.



  1. Working on 2 games? The I guess the Ratchet & Clank serie is dead.

    • “Outernauts” sounds like it could possibly be a sort of multiplatform Ratchet and Clank type game to me.

      If they want to go fully into cross-platform development then they might try doing something like that, particularly early on when they are less sure of sales on 360 etc and might want to put out something more familiar to their long term fans. Hopefully I’m wrong and R&C is here to stay though!

  2. Outernauts. What a terrible name, hopefully its a working title.

  3. Nevermind Imsomianc….

    What about Populous?!?! omfg, will EA go for a download route or disc? interesting times, I wonder if they’ll go for more Bullfrog property like the Theme series I’d love a new Theme Park but Hospital would be a bit more fresh.

  4. Not sure about the name but I have faith in Insomniac. It’s a bit disappointing we might not see another Ratchet and Clank but then I guess we should be happy as we did get quite a few of them.

  5. They just don’t stop!

  6. Outernaughts is the news here? POPULOUS! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

    • Populous will probably be Facebook.

    • Populous, my favourite game EVER. ^_^
      the ds version is pretty good.

      my favourite tactic was to build up to the highest height and then flood the world a few times to drown the other god’s followers.
      i was so evil. ^_^

  7. They should ban games ending in ‘nauts’ until Psychonauts 2 is announced to stop me getting excited for no reason when skim reading.

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