Trials Evolution Trailer Looks Suitably Amazing

Trials HD, from RedLynx, is still one of XBLA’s greatest attractions. It’s an astoundingly tightly tuned action, puzzle motorcycling game. It gets fiercely difficult and the leader boards are a place where friendships evolve into bitter battles of fractional one-upmanship.

Trials Evolution is HD’s sequel and if this trailer is anything to go by, it’s doubling down on the mayhem and upping the scale quite considerably. We could not be any more excited about this XBLA release, due sometime soon. But not soon enough.



  1. Looks fun. I tried the demo of trials hd, but didn’t think it was worth buying, this looks pretty good so may be a purchase if it’s a sensible price.

  2. Holy crap!

    I love Trials HD, this looks even more awesomer :) especially multiplayer.

  3. I really wish they’d release this, or even the first one, on PSN.

    • I know, this is the only game I want that is xbox exclusive. They can keep their halo’s and forza’s. I will make do with steam copy + 360 controller

  4. im not sure now i have seen this, loves trials hd but that trailer doesn’t fill me with confidence. looks like its been mashed up with pain and mx/atv ! musics shit aswell

  5. Level Editor looked crazy… in fact it looked just like LBP2. When did it stop being about the bikes? Trials HD is one of the few reasons I want a 360.

  6. the original had a bastard hard learning curve.
    lets hope they fix that this time round?

  7. now that, i could see me buying.
    i’m glad to see there’s a better way of getting user created levels this time.
    i just fear you’ll need a gold sub to get them.
    if that is the case then i won’t be buying.

    i hope it isn’t though because that level editor looks like it’s up there with the lbp2 editor in what can be created with it.

    i’d be great if it ever came to the ps3.

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