Meet the Reader: R1MJAW

This week we get to meet another of the older chaps that hang around at TSA. R1MJAW was good enough to knuckle through horrendous Skype lag to give me this interview. Hopefully it’s not come out too disjointed!


So, where do you old, who do you live, and how are you?

Ah, the old confusion method… Stuart Laidlaw, 39, from sunny (read: cold and grey) Cumbernauld, near Glasgow.

I see you’ve had extensive training in resisting interrogation… Would you like a cigarette? Now, tell me where you hid the plans to the Death Star!

A smoke would be nice…

I’m afraid my memory is not as good as it once was, I can’t remember where I left the plans.

Sorry, I got my galaxies mixed up. I meant to ask where your username came from?

I used to play Counter-Strike on PC a long time ago, I wanted something amusing that sounded vaguely sexually deviant… Rimjaw seemed to fit the bill nicely.

I also used it as my 360 gamertag, though that got sold shortly after getting my ps3.

Did the 360 take offence to you cheating on it, so to speak?

Nah, I just couldn’t be bothered playing it any more; luckily I knew someone who was looking to buy a cheap 360.

That’s fair enough. I feel that right now we should really travel back in time, and ask you how you first got into gaming?

Well, as I’m an old geezer I pretty much started at the beginning of everything. My parents had a Binatone black & white TV game.

Pong basically, although it had a tennis, football and squash game on it too. I would have been 4 or 5, I think.

Very old school! Where did you go from there?

From there, we got an Atari 2600 and I got hooked on Pitfall and Defender. After that it was a 48k ZX Spectrum, which I think is still up in the attic somewhere.

Anyway, after the spectrum, my computer/console history went something along these lines: Atari ST; NES; SNES; PS1; PS2; Gamecube; 360; Wii; PS3.

I still have a NES, Gamecube, Wii and obviously my PS3.

Do you like to get a bit of retro gaming on, occasionally, and dig these old consoles out of the attic to see if they still work?

Yeah, I love my retro gaming. I’ve not had the NES on for a while, but I play quite a few older games on the Virtual Console on Wii.

With the VC on Wii, and all the old Sega games being ported everywhere, retro gaming really has been picking up steam. What old games, if any, have you been enjoying lately?

Not much actually. There’s too many PS3 games to play. Now I think it’s about it though it’s time for another play through of Link to the Past and Super Metroid; two of my all time favourites.

Two outstanding games, I agree!

I’m glad, otherwise I’d have to hunt you down and mutilate you!

However, if you had to pick just one favourite game, and you do, what would it be?

Hmm, that’s tricky, but I’d probably go for Link to the Past. It’s such an awesome game!

Would I be right in assuming that the SNES is your all time favourite console?

Indeed you would! Quite closely followed by the PS2.

Right, now that we know your favourites, it’s time for me to ask something I always enjoy. What is the most embarrassing game you’ve played? Perhaps a guilty pleasure? With such a gaming history, I’m hoping for something truly rubbish!

I don’t know about guilty pleasure, but I do know the worst game I ever bought was a PS1 game called Criticom. It was shockingly bad, so much so that I took it back after one day and bought something else, although I can’t remember what.

I suppose a guilty pleasure, although I don’t really see it as such, is Space Channel 5 Pt. 2, which I recently bought on PSN. I did have it on PS2, and I quite like rhythm action games, and quirky Japanese nonsense, like Mad Maestro and Mr Mosquito.

Ha! I love Space Channel 5! Especially the kind of creepy appearance of Michael Jackson.

Indeed, he is very creepy looking in it.

One of the crazier games I can think of, definitely.

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  1. Good article! :D Why do other sites not do this; I love this type of thing.

    • maybe because TSA is more awwesome than other sites?

  2. Also, while i’m here… how do you get your Sixth Axis level up? How many points!?!?

    • You get points from visits and article comments (though, obviously, not too many comments and spamming!) After that points are at regular intervals. I can’t remember them exactly, but probably around 100, 250, 500, 1000 etc. etc.

      • Thanks, not far from level 2 :D

      • Thanks, not far from level 2! :)

      • Sorry about the double post! It kept saying i’d already posted

      • A likely story… ;)

  3. We love you R1M! I really thought I was the only Rhythm mad man with the likes of Mad Maestro and hurrah for more Mr Mosquito loving. Always a pleasure to chat / MSA with you, looking forward to many more mate.

    • Aww, thanks Simon … sorry I forgot you (and Forrest … soz mate) from the TSA’ers I’d like to meet.
      Mr Mosquito was awesomely bizarre, I wish we’d get more crazy stuff like that these days.

      • Its no problem buddy… The doors over there – You can show yourself out right? :D

        I am of course kidding, it must be absolutely mental trying to remember all that you want to say, people you want to mention & the like (maybe a bit like an awards speech with less blubbing perhaps?) – Either way, its nice just to get a mention, even if it is in the comments. :)

        Nice to get to know a bit more about you bud.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t in front of my playstation at the time so I actually forgot quite a few people who are on my friends list … buckethead, rocket, topgearsam, asparagus, scuba_steve, DrNate and a few others I’m sure.
        I also forgot about the fact that I also had an original xbox. It’s old age, sometimes my brain just turns to jam.

  4. of my psn friends I see. Need to start playing online again…just being mailed by so many excellent single player games. Cool read, I would love to do one of these…

    • I’m in the same boat, most of the time I’m playing single player games. It’s just the TSA meets that actually get me playing online, and even then that’s only because TSA has such an awesome community.

  5. Whenever I saw your username it reminded me of the South Park movie where Kyles mum says ‘what the hell is a rimjawb’.

    Anyway great article, keep them up!

    • lol, one of my favourite south park quotes … especially cartman’s mum’s reply ‘ why, that’s when you put your legs behind your head and have someone lick your ass’.

  6. great article, such a happy face in your photo :P Nice to know someone else who isn’t fussed by FF and MGS. I really don’t understand how the fighting works in FF, the turn based combat isn’t really turn based. Was good to play with you on SARPBC!

    • I did try to take a photo where I looked happier, but it just looked fake. Unfortunately my face just tends to hang like that.
      Yeah SARPBC was a good laugh, hopefully they’ll find a publisher for the sequel.

      • haha fake smiles are the worst :P did I spell SARPBC correctly? think i did, first time :P

  7. Great guy, and indeed a skilled gamer, especially off roady type racing games…in fact most games now that I think about it!. I knew that Heed was thereabouts on the your map but didn’t realise that he was only 5 minutes away, awesome! Scots PSN(SEN) friends FTW! ;)

    • Cheers freeze, you’re not too shabby at gaming yourself mate. Scots FTW indeed. XD

  8. Yay he wants to meet me. Finally my wishing has paid off! Seriously though you are one of my favourites on TSA and harrys too. So much so that he has just yanked the iPad out off my hands to see your pic.

    • Awesome, tell the wee man I was asking for him.

      • Harry says hello, but be careful because he’s a vampire at the moment.

  9. Glad to see I’m not the only one bot into Final Fantasy and MGS.
    Good to meet you R1M.

  10. Nice to know a little bit about you Stuart
    Yeah we had a few races and even had our own Team Scotland in Modnation and DiRT – great times lol
    Also great guy at helping out with trophies and/or giving out specific method on how to obtain a trophy/Platinum.
    Said it before and I’ll say it again. I’d buy R1MJAW a PINT! (tons of pints)

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