Battlefield 3 PS3 Voice Chat Fixed

One hundred and four days after launch, Battlefield 3 on Ps3 has received a patch that fixes the voice chat.

The 11MB patch, v1.03, has been tested by players on the EA forums and they have reported no problems with a full squad of four players all using their microphones.


Apparently the patch only fixes the VOIP problems and a game balancing patch will be released tomorrow.

Source: EA Forums



  1. I wonder when they will patch in a private match function? As that should have been in since day 1.

    I really hope the Voice Chat will allow you to mute everyone except your party as i hate it listening to crappy rap being played via the voice chat. Also, i think there is a typo in the subheading. ;)

    • I don’t think private match is possible in BF3. Because BF3 is server-based not peer-to-peer… maybe private squad rush, who knows?

      • Surely they can have a server that is dedicated to private matches only? If they did that then they may see a rise of the amount of gamers that will play it online. :)

      • It is a little bit annoying not to be able to host your own game, as when there are 12-16 of you, getting into a public game is a reet nightmare!

        However, it is workable with a bit of jiggling about, so it’s not too bad.

    • You can already mute everyone outside your squad. Or mute everyone, you can’t select a single person though..

      • Can we? How do we mute everyone then?

      • In the squad menu, underneath the switch team options, there’s a VOIC menu bar, just slide it and you can turn it off. I use it rather frequently ;)

  2. I don’t understand why games force themselves to release a game earlier and less “furnished” because of competition..
    Battlefield did have some effect on Call Of Duty though which makes things much better :)

    • I agree with this, infact, they have actually got less sales because of this compared with BC2, which was released after a COD game. Along with the many problems this game has, bf3 for me has been a massive pile of cack.

      DICE/EA have refused to tell the community what they are doing about the major things, like Input Lag, which for me is the main reason I don’t play it anymore. Teamwork has disappeared because of the map/class designs and the guns feel all the same.

      Fixing VOIP 104 days after release is POOR, its too little, too late in my opinion.

      • I’m agreed on Voice Chat taking so long to fix being very very poor, but my thoughts on input lag are in a comment below.
        Personally, I think BF3 was the best shooter of last year but I still prefer Bad Company 2. Guns definitely do not feel the same though.

      • I mainly agree to this.
        Fixing VOIP 5 about 4.5 months after release is bad. They should of worked on it straight away after it was identified.

        However, I still say BF3 is better than BC2 and I don’t see where you are going with sales, it sold way way more than BC2 no matter what situation you put them into. Twice as more around its launch date, 10 million BF3 was shipped and 5 million BC2 was shipped during the launch dates. I don’t think BF3 screwed much with its sales.

  3. Fantastic news , makes the game an 11/10 now . Now if only i could get off Dungeon Defenders … what an amazing game how did i miss this on release and will TSA do a review soon (couldnt see one in search)

  4. I sold this ages ago, it left me totally underwhelmed. Battlefield 1943 is, however, brilliant. I was very grateful for that freebie :)

  5. Must try BF3 again.

    • Same here, been concentrating on Skyrim and Uncharted 3 for too long.

  6. I have been playing this alot again the last few days think the online is fantastic.

  7. I’ve been over doing it a bit recently and found the multiplayer totally addictive. Not been affected by the bad quality COOL as hardly anyone uses mics on psn.

    • VOIP not COOL, stupid phone!

      • That bad quality COOL gets to me too, don’t worry. :)

    • Yeah I’ve noticed very few people use a mic’ on PS3, I don’t yet have one myself. Battlefield 3 really is impressive, it’s the only online shooter I play or really have ever enjoyed playing – not counting Halo 2 splitscreen, which is also awesome.

  8. W

    • Was on tonight and Volp worked great.

  9. Ah awesome! This was really needed, trying to understand what Yogh Wayne was saying was impossible as his mic kept breaking up, this is a massive fix for me. Suppose I better actually load it up for the first time in weeks and try it out asap :)

  10. Thanks DICE, what about the major issue of INPUT LAG !!!!! Or are you going to ignore the community for anotyher 104 days then release another patch.

    DICE/EA really have cheesed me off with this, and I definitely wont be pre-ordering a game from them again. I will wait to see what the game is like next time. MOH can fudge off too, that was a pile of plop last time aswell.

    • Wow, you’re being quite aggressive there.
      Never had any problems with input lag in the 84 hours I’ve put into the online, or the 10-15 hours of single player either.
      Medal of Honour was really good for me personally, definitely gonna be picking up the next one. The single player especially was well made, up there with CoD 4, and the ending was pretty emotional.

      • do you play on PS3, as it only seems to be on there. And everyone has it, its possible you haven’t noticed it. I am being quite agressive because I’m a little annoyed, you pay lots of money for a game, only for a half made game to be released, and then DICE ignore any questions the community put to them.

        Its poor design/communication. If they want to lose their loyal customers in order to gain the COD customers, then they are certainly on their way to doing it.

      • Yep, PS3, never really played a BF game on other platforms, only lightly played it on PC for example.
        I understand dude, I felt the same way about Dragon Age 2 to be fair (EA again!) but I just personally have no problems with BF3 (well, besides the servers being a bit shitty here and there) or MoH. Hope that DICE do sort out the input lag for you though :)

      • I’m with yogdog here i’m afraid – Never had any input lag, i don’t find games themselves lag too often (although i know others do) & it’s generally pretty much been a smooth experience for me since launch.

        In fact, the only thing that has been annoying for me was the VOIP as like yogdog said, it would be nice to hear what other members of your squad are saying, especially if you are with mates.

        This is great news for me personally.

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