Terra Militaris Gets ‘Birthright’ Expansion

It has been announced that Terra Militaris, the history-based real time strategy MMO, will be getting an update this March. Titled ‘Birthright’, the update will be made available for English, French, German and Polish servers and will add a premium Nobility feature, a new friend system, a new dungeon called Fate’s Labyrinth and will also include a host of new items and rewards.

The Nobility System will allow players to upgrade their account to three levels of premium nobility – silver, gold and platinum – which unlock automatic systems that allow nobles to automate basics, such as building and researching, allowing them to focus their attention on war and other dynamic game content.


The new Friends System will encourage more cooperation and teamwork, and players will now be able to share resources and plunder with friends and will be rewarded for their alliance with unlockable bonuses and mechanics. There will be an in-game social system that will include bulletin boards, which will allow for more fluid communication and interaction between players. There are a total of five Friend Levels, and each level brings with it new unlocked bonuses, improvements, and access to new items.

Fate’s Labyrinth is a lottery dungeon where players navigate a maze and defeat beasts for the chance to win powerful equipment, resources and in-game items. Fate’s Labyrinth can be challenged by every player for a small amount of in game gold once it goes live. Additionally, with the new Nobility System, players will be able to access extra rewards.

Source: Press Release