Twisted Metal Gets an EU Release Date

It has been announced that Twisted Metal will be hitting SCEE territories on March 7th.

Originally due out next week, the game suffered a set-back in Europe as some of the content needed to be edited.


The game will also feature the ability to upload your own custom vehicle skins, and you can either share them globally or lock and share them with specific people.

The perfect way to create a TSA crew in the game.

Source: Twitter



  1. I’ll be interested to read peoples thoughts on the full release, after the Demo experience, which was a bit of a wet blanket! As I’ve said before Demo’s can sometimes do no justice at all to the full game, so I await the Jury’s verdict!

    • *thoughts* should say *comments* Jeez, I’m not one of those stalkers!! :P

    • Fact: Twisted Metal’s major selling point is its frantic multiplayer. Rather than focussing on this they released a demo that featured no offline multiplayer and a broken online portion. If I was a newcomer to the series that demo would have put me off entirely. I was a big fan of ‘Black’ so will be getting this but its certainly one of the weaker demos I’ve played.

  2. Not a major delay I guess, I’m more disappointed about the edited cutscenes really. Plus, releasing the same week as Mass Effect? There is a huge amount of week 1 sales lost right there…

  3. I’m more annoyed at the unlevel playing field.

    By the time we get it, NA players will have unlocked a lot of the upgrades and will have a distinct advantage online.

  4. Loved the multiplayer demo so i will be picking this up without a doubt.

    Its intresting reading how much problems people have had with online with the servers and the lag i didn’t experiance any of that

  5. I’m importing so hopefully it’ll arrive before too long, violent cutscenes and all!

  6. I’ve never played Twisted Metal so, go on, someone extol the virtues of this series upon me…

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