WeView: 3D Dot Game Heroes

The use of the voxel seems to be becoming a more popular art style for some retro-styled games these days, and I quite enjoy it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with voxels, think of them as the 3D equivalent of a pixel; if you absolutely need a game with a pixelated art style but in a 3D environment then voxels are where it’s at.

3D Dot Game Heroes is probably one of the most well known uses of voxels in recent years, and its one that seems to have become fairly popular with a certain type of gamer. The blending of utter ridiculousness with gameplay elements that borrow heavily from games like The Legend of Zelda has attracted the game some fans, and rightly so.

Of course you don’t have to take my word for it, conveniently we wrote a review of the title. It’s just something we like to do from time to time, when we’re not too busy eating biscuits. We enjoyed the game, awarding it a solid 8/10, and had this to say about it:

Fans of The Legend of Zelda that wish the series to go back to its roots will find plenty to fall in love with here – 3D Dot Game Heroes is an unashamed cribbing of classic 8-bit action role playing games, with stacks of adventure, some decent level design and a surprisingly solid sense of humour and irony.  It might not be original, but it’s certainly good fun, and all credit to Southpeak for picking up the slightly esoteric title for a European release – spread the word, 3D Dot Game Heroes deserves a place in your PS3 this Spring.

Hopefully it didn’t just earn a place in your PS3 in the spring of 2010, but has continued to do so. Whether you’ve played it recently or just at its release we’d still like to hear your thoughts on the game. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the way things work, all you need to do is drop a short review of the game into the comments below. You can say whatever you like about the game, whether you loved it or hated it everything will get equal weight with us.

Once you’ve written your review all you need to add is a rating on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale. On Sunday afternoon I’ll go through everyone’s opinions of the game, pick out a few quotes, tally up the ratings and put it all into a verdict article for you; I’m just good like that. Just remember to get your thoughts in by Sunday afternoon, otherwise you’ll be left out.



  1. Love it!

  2. I think I already know what the result for this will be :)
    Personally waiting to see some comments first though as this is a game I’m interested in (as well as Dark Void, mentioned in the last WeView article).

  3. I thought it was wicked, although admittedly I only got about half way through it. Was a big Zelda fan back when I had Nintendo consoles, so it’s great to be able to play something similar on PS3. Just wish there were more unashamed ‘rip-offs’ like this! So my verdict, baaaaaaag that motherfucker!

  4. Absolutely Love it!
    Nostalgia <3

  5. I loved this game, but I’ve never been quite sure if I loved it because of the nostalgia it bought back of playing through the old school dungeon trawlers, (Zelda, etc) or I loved it as a game in its own right. Nothing about the game was new or innovative, but it bought together everything good about dungeon games into one game. Deffinately Buy it, even if its just to relive the glory days of old.

  6. Buy it.

    Isn’t this by the same dev as Demon/Dark Souls?

    Anywho, great game although I found it a bit confusing, probably because I’ve never played any of the Zelda games it supposedly apes.

    • Not the same Dev, but the same publisher (Atlus, I think, and they’re only the same publisher over in the US).

    • From Software publishs in Japan which is where the confusion is, its made by Silicon Studio and published by Atlus for America, EU? which was mentioned.

      Looks amazing, shame its been forgotten

  7. Pretty much perfect in every single aspect. The developers took the best parts of these games gone by and brewed them into this nostalgia trip that still looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, plays beautiful.

    The most impressive thing is that by riffing on this retro vibe, it could have been all talk and no substance, but the game was (note past-tense pretending that I’ve completed it) genuinely captivating.
    …something that might not be said about the more ‘modern’ iterations of the games that this based itself upon (I’m looking at you Skyward Sword).

    Buy It… (it’s only £14 now!!)

    • Buy it where?

      • My bad, did a Google Shopping search, but the sites were US based in the end… didn’t click through that far.

        eBay has a average selling price between £12 and £16.

  8. I totally loved it, currently trying to platinum due to annoying tower defenses which takes 20-40min each and plus must be flawless.

    I’m gonna say Buy it. This game is pure gem.

  9. Really… so far for me is a avoid it (not really but its still a buy it.) until… I finallly find the damn thing, it looks amazing however…. its so difficult to find.

    For the game…. and the developer? it’ll be best to bring it to the PS store, more can buy it… and actually have no worry of not finding it Game or fearing that its out od stock or something.

    Buy it!!!

  10. Bought it.
    Played a few hours.
    Loved what I played.
    Got sidetracked by other games.
    Now it’s sat on my shelf crying out to me to play it and enjoy it’s retro-rich-goodness once more!

    Is it hard to find these days? I know I had a job getting hold of it when I bought it.

    Oh and BUY IT!! for the rating overall :)

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