Original Killzone No Longer Coming To PS3

It appears the re-release / revamp / general tarting up of the original Killzone for PlayStation will no longer be happening.

The official Killzone twitter account has just posted the following message:


With regards to KZ1 for PS3, not sure what happened but I’ve been informed that it’s been delayed indefinitely.

Sad times.

Source: Twitter



  1. I wonder if the initial rating was for a PSN “classic” title of the original and they have instead decided to go with a HD/3D release. Plus, its coming up to “Totally lying to you” season where every dev/publisher/industry mouth piece tells you something isnt coming, just so they can reveal it at E3. Shame if true though. Never got to play the original (I was too young and my parents could blatently see the title “Killzone” sounded adult, unlike Resident Evil which they bought me for my 12th Birthday) so was hoping this would arrive either way.

    • Killzone would be a really desperate thing to reveal at E3.

  2. Maybe they’ve decided to hoof it out as quick Vita port instead?

  3. Seeing as it wasn’t going to be a HD remake, and lacked trophy support I don’t see the problem. I’d rather play it on my PS2 for free.

    • Maybe as not everyone has a copy of Killzone or a PS2?

      • yeah i dont have Killzone on PS2 but still wouldnt buy it without HD and trophy support.

    • Yeah but you won’t be missing much.

      They should bring out a one page synopsis on the plot and start it with: “The following contains characters you will ultimately not give a shit about”.

  4. Glad I didn’t slap my Ps2 copy on flea bay

  5. maybe its going be released on the vita, you never know

  6. That is a shame. I wonder if it’s due to legal or licensing issues? I do wish publishers would give us a reason whenever something like this happens.

    • Hard cash my friend. They will have looked at the cost of the work, estimated sales, took out Sonys cut, then decided, nope, nothing in it for us. Shame but true.
      I’d rather them cancel one rehash project than risk something bigger they might be working on.

      • It was a re-release, not a rehash. Minimal rework required, if any at all.
        I’d say it’s probably licensing, unless they’ve decided to go all out and make a HD version.

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