US Vita PSN Store Goes Live

The US version of the PSN Store has gone live, meaning that anyone with a Vita (there’s currently 40 people near me with one, apparently) can open up the Store app, browse, buy and play.  Now.

Whilst there’s not that much content on there just now, it is open and things are working.  There are some games on there, some demos and some videos, organised much like the Japanese Store is.


Oddly, some older PSP games aren’t yet available for download, presumably awaiting Sony’s updated DRM to kick in.

We’ll let you know (obviously) when the SCEE one opens…



  1. You’ll be waiting a while for SCEE then :P
    How can they be so incompetent compared to the other branches of SCE? Yes, I know the Vita hasn’t been released here yet before anyone says but even so, you’d think they would at least have the basic framework for them up and ready.
    Let’s not mention how they are for putting games on the EU stores as well (Trine 2, Auditorium HD anyone?).

    • The framework is there.

      All of the cartridge based games are done and uploaded, afaik.

      • Really? Fair enough then, ignore my little rant :)

      • Yep, they’ve been there for ages.

      • Would you mind my asking, what are the limitations of buying an import then, if you can connect to other regions’ stores?

      • The same as PS3, I’d assume.
        US DLC only for US games, while EU games will only take EU DLC.

        Oh, and Vita only supports 1 account at a time.

      • Yeah, I thought as such.

        I’m just impatient and don’t want to wait until March to get my hands on one – I’m off to NZ and Oz for a month a few days before it’s launched and was toying with a duty free when I get there.

      • You’d have absolutely zero region issues if you buy your games off your normal account.
        Any game from anywhere will work if plug in the cartridge too.
        Only issue is EU DLC for EU games, JP DLC for JP, etc.

  2. I bet when SCEE opens the EU one, it will be end up crashing within an hour. It’s bound to happen.

    I wonder if SCEE will surprise us and open it tommorrow instead of next year? I wonder if the US vita store will have it’s own seperate update or if it will be tied in with the main store update?

  3. So next week our Vita stir should go up? Guessing Sony got the US one up as they get the Vita a week earlier than us with the early access bundle.

    • Should not stir. Damn auto correct on iPad!

      • Shaken, not stirred ;)
        I’ll get my coat…

  4. plllllllllease open the EU store. Lack of WipEout has brained my damage!

    • That’s because you headbutted the wall a million times Dan. ;)

  5. SCEE is like that kid that’s always last of the class.

    • you mean the ginger kid

      • Nah, it’s the blonde who’s last in the class.
        Ginger gets kicked out.

  6. 40 people near you have one? That’s actually quite a lot, I think.

  7. maybe I got it wrong, but I thought that psp games bought through the PS store could be played on the vita. Will I have to buy them again?

  8. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the reason the US vita store open because as part of the launch, weren’t those who pre-ordered getting the PSV a week before the proper launch date??

    • They get the early edition bundle which gets them a Vita a week early. They could still wait or the normal release as only one type of Vita is in the early edition.

      So if the US gets games a week before the early release consoles, we may next week.

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