GAME Upgrades its Vita Pre-order Offer

Hardly breaking news, but I know a number of you are holding off from ordering a Vita in case there are any good last minute deals. GAME has announced that their Vita pre-order bundles have now been upgraded to include an 8GB memory card, rather than 4GB.

If you had already pre-ordered a 4GB bundle, you’ll still receive the upgrade, the only caveat being that it needs to have been done online.


There are now a number of pretty good deals floating about, making the Vita much more enticing than this time last month.

Source: Twitter



  1. That is excellent news, wohoo! Double the memory for the same price I was prepared to pay – very happy since I plan to download Escape Plan and MotorStorm RC!!

  2. Booo no 3G offers, still leaves Amazon as the best deal IMO!

    • I agree amazon the best deal so far, had to cancel my deal with GAME in favour of amazon

  3. Am slowly getting more tempted…. slowly… temp…ted.

  4. Not great compared to others but I’ve still preordered in store as I have trade in credit to cover the cost of the console and games, and I would rather use it up whilst GAME are still around.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. I have credit to use with Game and I’m a bit worried that if I don’t use it soon I’ll lose it.

  5. Games bundle is still one of the worst.

  6. I’m getting a 3G Vita so no changer me. Tho my memory card is big enough to start with.

  7. I pre ordered a 3G one from hmv yesterday you get either FIFA or uncharted for free

  8. I got myself a nice deal on Free 8 G card, pre-order box & 15 Euro discount on a game.

  9. Got mine preordered from shopto, a WiFi model with a 4gb memory card, starter pack, lumines, rayman origins and dungeon hunter for £270 was £275 but they knocked the price down this morning

  10. £310 for my 3G Vita, FIFA and 16gb card

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