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I love my strategy games, so the idea of a turn based strategy PlayStation minis game sounds like genius to me. Enter Mecho Wars, a recent mini title from publisher and developer Creat Studios.

Mecho Wars features everything you would expect from the genre including collecting resources, capturing structures, building an army and even throws in local multiplayer, allowing you to go head to head with a friend.

To be in with a chance of winning yourself a copy (EU only) all you need to do is come up with another meaning for ‘TBS’ (Turn Based Strategy). We’ve even got some examples from our assistant community manager Teflon:

  • Titanic (the) Romantic Sailboat (edit: we think Tef meant “Bromantic”. Oops)
  • Tuffcub Bought Slaves
  • Totally Biased (against)  Sony
  • TSA’s Biscuit Supplies

You have until 9pm GMT on this Sunday (12th of Feb) to get your answer in and as you can see, we have bent the rules a little with the extra words in brackets so if you need to bend them a little yourself, within reason, then go for it. However, you can only enter once and only one meaning.

Simply fill your answer in the form below and three winners will be chosen at random and two more that we deem to be the funniest will also win a code.

Also, feel free to post your answer in the comments below too so that everyone can see them!

Good luck!

Win Mecho Wars!
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  1. Entered. I do love me some strategy games, so now I just need to bribe

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