First PSP Games Get Vita Compatibility In Europe

[drop2]Reports are starting to roll in suggesting that Sony Europe have updated some of their old PSP titles so that they work on the shiny new PlayStation Vita.

You may not know this, but all games need to be refreshed before the Vita can ‘see’ them via the Content Manager application. What this involves is close to black magic, but it’s already in action.


The first confirmed game is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on the Italian PSN Store (from GAF) but big Peter here has also let me know that Gran Turismo, Chinatown Wars and Gravity Crash are also working are a bit sketchy.  Chinatown doesn’t copy over.

LittleBigPlanet currently doesn’t work.

If you imported a Vita and are currently running on a non-EU account, maybe now’s the time to switch?  You’ll need to re-download them and leave them as bubbles.



  1. YAY GT’ll work… I presume it’ll be compatible with other PSP via ad-hoc.

  2. GT will be nice and handy to have around. VectorTD too if that’s working…

    • I almost bought a PSP Go to use the dual shock with for GT because of the dual thumbsticks… getting a Vita makes a lot more sense now!!!

  3. Will they update them to make use of the second analogue? GT with on/off brakes and acceleration makes my soul cry.

    • I believe that’s a system feature and not game-by-game feature. You can re-map the controls. I will see if I can get GTA: Liberty City Stories to work.

    • are you referring to it restricting you to using buttons or is that some type of inbuilt aid in gt psp?

  4. Hope it doesn’t take too long to update them all.
    And it’s a strange call not to update the games that were in the Welcome Back package first.

    Unless they’re leaving it to devs as usual.
    Hope not.

  5. Sweet, I have a Norwegian account. Will try GTA Liberty City Stories.

  6. all this Vita news makes me sad. Why cant the Vita come out the week im off school :'(

    • I feel your pain… if only we had the first edition bundle in europe! :(

  7. This actually makes me interested in buying cheap PSP titles off the Store to use on the Vita, whenever I buy one.

    We know PSP-emulation can be done by both the Vita and the PS3, and now that they’ve released it for the PSV, could we soon see it coming for the PS3? We already have PS1 and 2, so it would only make sense now that the Vita is taking its place.

    • Would be awesome to play some PSP games on the PS3, although I expect they’ll look horrible on a big screen.

      • Should look better than a PS1 game, and if Sony brought their A-game (which they wouldn’t) and added forced texture-filtering and AA along with dual-stick support and HD-upscaling (upping the internal-resolution), it would be great!

    • i’d loathe it

  8. Vita is so close now, I can smell it. Excited!!

  9. Look forward to seeing how they look on that screen.

  10. so the list that has been put online of some 60= PSP games that work on the Vita is only for the US and Europe is gonna have its own list of just 6 titles or is this something else?

    • No all psp games will work,does that are listed are the ones you can download from your psvita. But every psvita game can be copied over from a psp,ps3 or media Go.

      • Thanks for that clarification. I got the impression for a minute that games that weren’t updated couldn’t be played.

        Have a biscuit :)

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