Meet the Reader: HoboCastro

How did you first come across TSA?

I used to visit now and again to read news stories through NewsNow. I only really joined in the community when I wanted to play Killzone 2 in open boots. Although I was terrible I hold those experiences highly, as Killzone 2 was where I learned multiplayer console FPS gaming; really you can’t learn on anything better.

I vaguely remember you being fairly decent at Killzone 2, actually. Then again, that was quite some time ago! Do you get much online gaming time in, with fellow TSA members, or otherwise?

Not recently, I’ve been without broadband so I’ve had the one game online on CoD4 using a 3G tether. I’m hoping to get fibre optic next month then I’ll be back on Battlefield 3. In the mean time I’ve been playing single player.

Being stuck on 3G must be a bit of a pain. You’ll have plenty catching up to do on BF3, that’s for sure! What single player games have you been digging into of late?

I need to catch up with yogdog Adam and scuba_stevie. They’ve had it easy without me.

After his demanding tweets earlier, I’m very tempted to remove Yog’s name from that sentence.

Haha. Replace it with Adam!

I’ve been replaying some old games like The Saboteur, Bloodstone, Driver SF and the Call of Duty series.

Will do. Speaking of which, are there any/many TSAgents that you’d actually, for some baffling reason, like to meet up with in real life?

I’m hoping to meet up with Jon (yogdog) for drinks and hopefully Matt (CrawFail). Other than those I’d like to meet anyone, it’s good to get behind the online persona. I hope to get to a games expo one day, everyone seems to have gone to Eurogamer.

It’d be a bit of a trek for you to get down to EGX. Then again, quite a few of the Scottish members made the journey down last year.

Or even TSA’s Irish contingent.

The big moat just doesn’t keep us safe from that lot any more, unfortunately. Do you have any particular favourite features and articles on TSA?

I love a good “PSN is down for maintenance” feature. It is a feature now, right?

I think it almost qualifies, yes, though it’s not as regular as others. I guess you just sit and chortle to yourself, since you weren’t going online anyway!

I do like the community round ups. I haven’t been as active as I should and these have been great. Especially when Steven sends them to you via email. Seeing the Meets pass by are disheartening.

Steven emails you?

I meant your rants when he emails round ups to you.

Oh, I see! Yeah. It’s an absolute treat… Do you have an opinion on Steven’s round-ups? They’re bound to be a bit polarizing, so are you for or against them?

For them, you can see his passion, even though he tries getting it all out in one burst. He has a marvelous sense of humour too.

If by ‘marvelous’ you mean ‘unhinged’, then yes I completely agree! Heading away from TSA and gaming for a while, do you have any other hobbies, interests or massive wastes of time in the more real world?

My free time I’ll try to spend offline and entertain my three girls. I’m a big Manchester City fan so that actually takes less of my time now they are winning. Read a lot online about Technology, Science, World and UK politics. I spend too much time on Twitter, usually disagreeing with cc_star and Mr_Roynaldo.

I imagine having to entertain three girls is either a complete joy, or a torturous pseudo-enslavement.

Both! Children are a fantastic waste of time. The brutal honesty of kids’ logic is funny. Mine are pretty tech savvy, and thus expensive. My five year old complained that their DVD player wasn’t Blu-ray.

Haha! Well she certainly has her priorities straight! Pre-emptive congratulations, by the way, on the whole Machester City thing. I enjoy seeing the latest antics of Balotelli on the backs of newspapers. What crazy nonsense do you reckon he’ll get up to next?

If a reporter followed him all day they’d fill a paper. For his next trick I hope he punches Suarez in the face.

On or off the pitch?

Both, two separate occasions.

Interesting… Well, that would certainly go down well in many corners of the footballing world. Though I’m not sure how he’d like prison.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you this evening, but it’s time for that bizarre, oft-dreaded question. Who would you Snog, have a Civil Partnership with and Smother out of the three main podcast hosts Peter, Lewis and Kris? (Hmmm… Is it time yet that I should add Kev to this question?)

Snog Kris, the podcast falls apart without him. Marry Peter, as he’s very kind. Sorry Lewis, despite loving your film reviews, you’re a teacher…

I’d snog Kev too, because he’s middle class and probably did it in private school anyway.

Interesting choices there! We’ve come to the end of your interview, but before you go, do you have any final words for the readers that got this far?

Be nice to chefs always, they might cook your food one day. And thank you to TSA and all you members for a fantastic community.

Thanks again to Mark Castro for doing this interview. See you all next week!

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  1. Nice article and nice to meet you HoboCastro da nerdgasmer! :D

  2. Replacing my name with Adam? You [email protected]

    • :) You got a couple of mentions. Stop whining you slag.

  3. Nice chap and often enjoyable tweets. Get yourself back online and on bf3, we seem to be pretty active on that of late.

    • Yeah, I’d like him in my squad on BF3. Last meet was really good fun!

    • I can’t wait to get back online. Missed out on loads of games. Would have loved to play Driver SF and Space Marine online too.

  4. Nice to meet you again you filthy Hobo. ;)

    I think your daughter may start complaining about your PC soon if you don’t upgrade it to the very latest. ;)

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the porn incident. Twas a funny conversation on twitter. XD

    I think i may have caused Tef to buy a soft toy so he can hug it in fear whenever i send him a round up. ;)

    • Tis very funny reading Teflon’s reactions to your emails. I have idea what this “porn” is you talk about.

      • I’m assuming you mean no idea. ;) You once said that someone had left porn on the work PC.

      • Ah, yes. Fortunately they have got better at hiding it.

      • I really hope they weren’t in charge of the speical sauce when they were looking at it. ;-)

  5. Nice to read about you :) It’s a shame your a Man City supporter though :P

  6. Nice to know more about you mb. Look forward to seeing you back online.
    ps. If he doesn’t punch Suarez, i’d gladly step up. Saturdays no handshake was out of order, as was initial incident.
    Suarez & Terry, should both be out of a job.

    • Some people deserve a slap. Suarez has a face I would get tired of punching.

  7. Are you mildly confused in your photo !

    • Yes. And mildly asleep.

      • You have that wonderful “I don’t remember burying that body there” look to you.

        *tips hat* Good day to you! :-) Lovely MtR although the name-nerd-gasm thing was a sad moment for all normal folk. ;-)

      • Oh hello stranger .

  8. Actually, I’ll have to dig that patio up again.

    My initial idea of that user name was with it being personal I would need to change it. That didn’t work.

  9. You look so different in that pic to your normal dp! Nice interview!

    • Yeah, it’s not a great picture but that’s normal how I look. I don’t have a lot of pictures of myself.

      The interview reminded me how many games I’ve played. It was enlightening.

  10. Nice to meet you and great interview!

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