Sony Cast Doubt Over Third Party Release Day PSN Downloads For Vita

This might be nothing, but it appears that Sony might only be able to guarantee that their own PlayStation Vita games will be available on PSN on the same day as they release at retail.

Picked up over on NeoGAF, a recent video on the US PlayStation Blog clearly states that “first party software titles will be available on the same day via Playstation Vita game cards at retail stores and digitally via the Playstation Network.”


It’s specific enough to make us think without being clear enough to confirm otherwise, but it sounds like third party publishers will be free to choose whether or not their games release simultaneously on PSN and retail.

Here’s the video, and the comment’s at around 3.45 onwards:

Hopefully this is just an option that most publishers won’t be using – I’d much rather have all my games digitally (although I’m sure I’m in the minority with that one) just so they’re always to hand.

We’ll chase this up with SCEE in the morning.



  1. Typical Sony.
    I guess this means the store update will continue happening only once a week then.

    • I’m guessing it isn’t really sonys fault. I mean they have given the other developers the choice. If they had said that it had to be simultaneous release only then I’m sure people would moan about Sony and them setting that rule too.

      • They’ve already made a rule that every game has to be made available via PSN, and cartridge is optional, so I don’t see why they couldn’t say they should come at the same time.

        They’re not saying X game can’t be on Xbox earlier or something…

      • I hope this is only about giving publishers enough slack that they don’t have to release on “PSN^H^H^H SEN update day” and that there is still a requirement that the game should be there “soon” after release.

  2. For us that means SCEE pushing the content live. Ruh-roh!

    • I can see games being released on cartridge but failing to make the PSN Store going by the QA the store requires (see Trine 2, working perfectly in the US).

  3. Oh

  4. At 5:38, did he just say 3G can support real-time online gaming now?
    I’m a bit surprised at that claim, wouldn’t think it very reliable.

    Still very much excited and can’t wait to get my hands on my Vita!

    • I can play OnLive on my phone over 3G so I’m not surprised that 3G online multiplayer is possible.

      • Really?
        Now I’m really surprised.
        Here’s hoping an Xperia Play Cutting-Edge spec edition is released for me to buy.
        Otherwise it’ll be an iPhone 5 next year for me, but that’s (99.99999999% certain) not going to have buttons…

  5. I’m presuming that just means that first [arty games will go up on release date, but third party games might have to wait until the normal store refresh on the following Wednesday. Bit disappointing if so, but hardly a big deal breaker.

    Also, it could just be him not speaking for everyone and just speaking for the company he works for. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks time…

  6. Perhaps some third party devs want to hold back content so it doesn’t get buried by loads of new stuff on release date?
    I wish Sony just did updates for the PS Store on-the-go, would make it better for the consumers, and then they should just do a Roundup once a week notifying everyone of what new content has been published.

    • Actually love that idea.

      • Agreed.

        This site really need a “like” or “+1” button, or something like that.

  7. No one should bother responding to this, I just want to rant. I am actually a big fan of Sony and own many of their products, including 2 PS3s, a PSP and several cameras. But Sony always ends up sounding like an old, bloated company on its way down in these stories. You know the kind, like the American car companies in the 70s and 80s, building shite and believing they’re too big to fail? The people running Sony force proprietary nonsense like Memory Stick, shoot themselves in the foot with DRM-laden music players and ruin good buzz with stodgy addendums like this one. I too hope that this is just a matter of unfortunate wording, and that day-and-date releases are still a go, but announcements like this one (and the memory card pricing) feel like the machinations of some extremely arrogant dictator. This is, after all, the company that called the PSP-3000’s screen problem a “feature.” Meanwhile, PSN games get delayed quite often due to whatever draconian approval process Sony uses (most recently Simpsons Arcade). A hungry company would offer a product that’s impossible to resist and find a way to make day-and-date work. I love the tech but Sony does not want success nearly enough.

  8. You’re right, I shouldn’t reply. Oh well…

    What you say might be valid if their competitors were any different, but I can’t think of one that doesn’t suffer the same limitations or employ similar ‘draconian’ tactics in the name of safe guarding profit.

    DRM? It’s derigour these days, and certainly Sony’s attempts are no worse than anyone else you could mention. Apple are doing ok despite YEARS of m4p sales (admittedly now lifted) and their connections and accessories are still very proprietary. Take a look at Xbox hard drives, controllers (in particular wheels) and imposed artificial limits on USB devices. All done to sell more MS branded gear at a premium. By comparison the PS3 is practically open architecture!

    Have a quick google about Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Apple’s App Store approval processes, in particular how lengthy they are, how expensive and ultimately how censored they end up. By contrast the PSN is much more attractive. I think as consumer’s we’re constantly torn between wanting it now, and wanting it working and bug free – the two often don’t mix.

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