Rockstar Answer Some Questions

Rockstar has posted the answers to some fan questions, many of which are fans being rather tedious and asking ‘Why is the game delayed?’ and ‘Why does the U.S. get it before Europe?’

However, there were two sensible questions. Firstly, Rockstar confirmed that Max will change outfits during the game and detailed how many weapons Max can hold.


As you play through the story of Max Payne 3, each outfit is contextual to the narrative of what is happening at that level. For example, in the office level, Max is wearing that grey suit as he has a meeting with his new employer, Rodrigo Branco (apparently a quite eventful meeting at that).

As for the Weapon wheel, Max can carry three weapons at all times – two smaller one-handed weapons (like handguns and small automatics) and one larger two-handed weapon (such as an automatic rifle). The Weapon wheel allows you to quickly select between these three weapons. It also allows you to choose to dual wield the two single-handed weapons

Intriguingly, they also hinted that they may not be done with L.A. Noire, despite the game’s developers no longer existing.

While there won’t be any more DLC or additional content for the current release of L.A. Noire (we’re all too busy working on Max Payne 3, GTAV and other games to come), don’t count out the possibility of a new game in the L.A. Noire franchise in the future. We simply have not decided anything.

We’re all very pleased with how that game turned out and are considering what the future may hold for L.A. Noire as a series. We don’t always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won’t get to them eventually – see Max and Red Dead for evidence of that – we have so many games we want to make and the issue is always one of bandwidth and timing.

If you have any questions* for Rockstar about Max Payne 3 then ask in the comments section as I am off to poke the game with a very big stick this Thursday.

Source: Rockstar

* Please note I absolutely, definitely will not be able to tell you any of the answers to your questions thanks to the NDA.



  1. Can you ask them if they have figured out how to release a title that runs as well on PS3 as it does on Xbox? Many thanks.

    • LA Noire runs much better on the monolith.

  2. ’Why is the game delayed?’ and ‘Why does the U.S. get it before Europe?’ :-)

    On a more serious note; why don’t they just hire more people to make the games. That way they make oodles of cash and we get the games quicker. I’m not getting any younger!!

  3. My only question to them is – “Where is ‘Agent’ RockStar?” I want a PS3 Exclusive from you. So i don’t have to put up with a multi-format game that has to look like a Xbox 360 game :-/

  4. Okay, here is a question for Rockstar. Why did you treat the developers of LA Noire without respect? I mean, you could have saved them but you let them die.

    Also will GTA5 have silly weapons again? Such as giant purple dildos, a bunch of flowers etc..

    Hmm, not their usual style but limiting the weapons in Max Payne 3. I can see LA Noire being a successful open world sandbox detective franchise as long as they tweak a few bits and bobs. I can see each game being set in a different time period. I wouldn’t be surprised if LA Noire 2 was set in the 50s.

    • LA Noire was set in the 50’s or late 40’s albeit, so I dont get your last sentence.
      Anyways Im hoping they have hilarious weapons back in GTA, they were so funny.

      • I meant, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was set 10 years after LA noire as it would be interesting. :)

        I rember killing many people with the deadlist weapon known to mankind. A bunch of roses. XD

      • yeah its set in 1947 :) a 60’s take would be good. More free roam though, meaning the ability to run people over and actually do stuff.
        I remember taking on an entire Police Station with a purple dildo. :P

    • I’ll be looking forward to GTA V even more, if I know dildos are left to SR. SAndreas is about as silly as I want GTA to be.
      (SA my fav gta by far, but SR wackyness doesnt appeal to me, nor do dildos whatever the colour.)

      • ahh, i missed the dildo in SA i take it, still i stand by “leave it to SR” & yes make noire2 more fun, interactive & give the city some life, as R* do so well.

  5. LA Noire kinda sucked, I played a lot and there was no story of the main character, if there was, I must have missed it because the game was soo linear and borrringg.

  6. *Cough* Where’s Agent*? Cough*

  7. Agent? Manhunt: Move Massacre……make em happen……

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