Super Stardust Delta’s Day One DLC

We heard this morning that Super Stardust Delta, the Vita version of one of the PSN’s best twin stick shooter would be cheap. What we didn’t know was that it would launch with day one DLC that includes four game modes. So it’s cheap but a much lesser game than we had been assuming.

The DLC, entitled “The Blast Pack” includes Endless, Bomber, Impact and Twin Gun modes and will be priced at $8 in the US so we assume around £5 in the UK. It will also be available with the other half of the game as a bundle entitled the “Interstellar Pack”. That’s priced at $14.99 so we would assume it’ll be a touch over £10 in the UK.


Seems a little bit sneaky to us, and certainly dampens the good news about download pricing we heard this morning. What do you guys think?

Source: US PS Blog



  1. I’m guessing that having all of the content in the game at launch is now being frowned upon by publishers nowadays?

    I know it’s SSD has been out in Japan for a while but surely they could have made it free for everyone or add it into the main game and raise the price a bit?

    • Well the raised price is the bundle.

  2. At roughly a tender it’s still great value for a brilliant game. I played this in my local GAME and it feels and plays just like its PS3 brethren, it’s superb.

    • Um I meant ‘tenner’, obviously :)

  3. Also, I think I agree with whoever said they’ve had time since the Japanese launch. If you bought a game at a console’s launch, and then it came out in another region, but with much more content for the same price, you would expect it for free. So between that and them wanting to make money, it makes sense.

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