Vita PSN Prices Announced

We’ve been wondering about prices for Sony’s downloadable Vita treats for a while now.

We’ll be honest, we were expecting something around the £10 mark per game so this little announcement from Sony is very welcome indeed, let’s hope that third party publishers can manage similar prices.


Here’s the list of prices so far:

  • Escape Plan £9.99
  • Top Darts £6.49
  • Hustle Kings £6.49
  • Super Stardust: Delta £6.49
  • MotorStorm RC £4.79

Now, call us hopelessly optimistic but from that little list we think Sony might just have nailed this download pricing thing for Vita. Well done to them.

Update: looks like Stardust has some day-one DLC for another fiver or so, with Endless, Impact, Bomber and Twin Gun modes locked off in the £6.49 purchase price.



  1. MotorStorm RC £4.79!!!!??! Fantastic price. As this a PS3/Vita title is that the same price for PS3 too?

    • The Vita version comes with the PS3 version and vice versa, I’m sure. I remember them announcing that. Buy one and get it on both devices.

    • WOT!!! Damn for that price you must buy the game 0_0, 2versiones for £4.79 is a bargain!!!

      • damn cheap that, even for me not getting a Vita, I will buy this just to get Motorstorm RC for ps3.

      • Yeah exactly, PS3 version for me too.

    • Yes it is. Let’s hope we see a lot more of that. The VITA’s main target are PS3 owners, but we haven’t seen a lot of interaction (this & WipeOut?).

  2. Wow, absolutely spot on. Especially Motorstorm RC. Great price. Any chance of getting these in Euros if you can? I’d do a normal conversion, but you never what what SCEE’s special mark-up for Euros will be.

    • MotorStorm RC is €5.99. No confirmation on anything else yet but that should give some indication of the conversions.

  3. Motorstorm price is a big shock! but great and sensible prices all round

  4. Looks like my 2nd Vita purchase will be escape plan!

  5. Escape Plan Baby here I come, might aswel get motorstorm, looks like that MJ:The Experience game is also coming home. I thought escape plan would be £25 guessing its not a long game then

    • 80 levels, with more as DLC if it does well.

      • oh is it sounds good, this was my launch game anyway along with UC & Rayman…Wasn’t sure about Rayman as I have never played it but everyone saying its good

      • That’s mine too! Well, Rayman, Uncharted, Wipeout & gravity rush at launch, plus the D/L’s above.

      • is gravity rush a launch title there is no word on that, thought maybe around march along with Unit 13

  6. This is awesome. Sony have just about made it clear they’re serious with those prices:)

  7. Ace prices.

  8. Ok, those are brilliant prices, Motorstorm and Super Stardust especially. This is making getting a Vita mighty tempting…
    I can’t afford it day one but I’ll definitely be getting one somewhere down then line.

  9. so, in the pre-orde starter box, we get a £5 discount. does that mean we can all get Motorstorm for free?

    • Gonna need to get me a mem card asap

    • I guess so :D.

    • I think it’s only against 4 titles mate, so it may not include MotorStorm RC…but I could be wrong. I’ll be redeeming mine against Escape Plan and then purchasing MotorStorm! :)

      • yeah, I was gonna get escape plan, didnt really give MS:rc a look but now im interested. That’s why i now need to buy a mem card before tuesday

      • Looks great – especially when you consider the price, and that it works on PS3 too. Hopefully this’ll set the standard for other developers – I mean, no one could then bring out a similar racing game that was Vita only for £10, it just wouldn’t make sense unless it was way better than MotorStorm!

    • Motorstorm isn’t on the voucher, you just made me check.
      Escape Plan, Super Stardust, Little Deviants and Hustle Kings.
      I’ll be using mine on Escape Plan and buying Motorstorm.
      Might pick up Super Stardust somewhere down the line too. :)
      Fantastic pricing, I genuinely thought I’d be paying between €20-€30 for Motorstorm, especially as it includes the PS3 game as well!

  10. Very good prices. Sadly I won’t be able to pick up a Vita until early June though.

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