WeView Verdict: 3D Dot Game Heroes

When I picked 3D Dot Game Heroes for WeView I did have a few people tell me it wouldn’t get much response. Apparently it’s close to impossible to find on the high street, and according to one Tweet basically not on sale at all in Ireland. Fortunately it would seem a few of you managed to battle the forces of low stock-levels to get a copy of the game at some point, and then ultimately decided to write down your opinions on the game.

Those opinions were… well a little one-sided to say the least. I don’t mean that in a negative way, it just seems that everyone decided to pile praise on to Silicon Studio’s title.

It’s not the fact that it received pretty much universal praise, it was the level of praise that pervaded your opinions. For example rept0n called it “Pretty much perfect in every single aspect.” which is fairly high praise by itself, but they continued to say, “The developers took the best parts of these games gone by and brewed them into this nostalgia trip that still looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, plays beautiful.”

[drop]By no means was rept0n alone though, Jumping Monks said they “absolutely adore this game, the soundtrack is spot on, graphically I thought it was stunning,” and in a view that apparently comes from the late 90s, tactical20 “thought it was wicked”. I’m sure no-one says wicked any more, although I’ve just realised I don’t know what the “kids” do say any more. Clearly I’m losing touch.

So this is getting a little dull isn’t it? Everyone praising the game to such a high level is becoming a little predictable right? Well there’s always one, and the time that one is Tuffcub. I probably could have guessed that before I even wrote the original article if I’m honest. Apparently he “Hated it,” before saying that it “Deserves to be thrown in to the pits of hell with Zelda and Final Fantasies 1-6.” Unfortunately he forgot to add a rating on the scale we use, meaning that dissent counts for naught.

There is the one issue with the game though, and it’s one that Omac_brother summed up nicely. “I loved this game,” he starts, before getting to the point, “but I’ve never been quite sure if I loved it because of the nostalgia it bought back of playing through the old school dungeon trawlers, (Zelda, etc) or I loved it as a game in its own right.” That’s a wonderful point, and similar to the point that Tuffcub indicated. If you didn’t love the titles that 3DDGH is drawing from then you’ll probably find it tricky to find any real love for this.

Finally, I want to highlight one other criticism. This isn’t nearly as damning as Tuffcub’s opinion of the game, but KeRaSh raises a valid point about the game. “It kind of annoyed me.” Uh oh. “This game tries to be a homage to classics like Zelda but in the end it fails to live up to the high standards of those games.” Whilst most others don’t seem to agree with that point, it may well be an issue for some.

So, on that low note it’s time to turn to the verdict. Thirteen of you took part and remembered to add a verdict to your opinion. Of those thirteen one rated the game as Bargain Bin It, whilst the rest of you settled on Buy It. If you love games like Zelda it seems like it’s worth a buy then, although if you don’t then probably listen to Tuffcub.



  1. Well, at least my tweet got mentioned. :P
    Lob it on the PSN and I’ll buy it.

    • Yeah thats what I want…. I’d really buy it that way and if it ever comes to the Vita one day.

  2. I’ve wanted 3DDGH (oh my) since it’s release, but it’s not so easy to find since there’s no gaming-shop where I live. I do buy most of my games online, but since there’s been so many other games to buy I’ve kept forgetting about it. I’m planning on getting a copy this year though.

  3. When this was released, i though great wexactly my type of game. Retro bought into the modern eran. Didnt have the cash and then it was forgotten about. Thanks to the WeView, i was reminded of it so picked it up from eBay for £11.49. Cant wait to get it through the post!

  4. Have been on the fence about this one for a while! Other games to play these days though

  5. Is there a list of all of the games that have been on WeView before? It would be helpful to see before making suggestions of future titles to include.

    • just search “WeView” at the top of the homepage

    • I actually use this list myself for checking.

  6. I’m 31 and still use ‘wicked’ regularly. I do live through mid 90’s east coast skateboarding though.

  7. Clearly far too late to drop this comment in, but I would suggest “Buy It”. I’m with Omac_Brother, loving it, but I think predominantly that was down to the hark back to A Link To The Past, a game which I’ve beaten all the puzzles and bosses numerously. I reckon Nintendo would have plenty of customers were they to release a fresh Zelda game akin to Phantom Hourglass on the 3DS, though I’m sure they already plan to.

  8. Holy Cow dung. Ive been quoted in too WeView articles on the trot. Must finally be getting good at the internet.

  9. This game’s been sitting on my shelf collective dust for a really long time. Maybe I’ll give it another chance now.

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