Amazon Cut Their PS Vita Price Again

There is a little bit of a battle going on for who has the best PlayStation Vita price with GAME,, Shop.To and Amazon all reducing the price of the console over the past few weeks.

Amazon have now wiped another fiver off the price of the Vita taking the unit price down to £209.99 with a free 8GB memory card, tantalisingly close to the magical sub £200 barrier.


ShopTo have the console for £209.85 with the pre-order pack but there is no memory card, weigh in at £212.99 with an 8GB card and a pre-order bonus bundle that includes headphones and a £5 discount voucher.

Zavvi are charging £219.99 and GAME are trailing behind with the Vita priced at £229.99, both Zavvi and GAME offer the pre-order bonus pack.

Tempted? Look at the shiny!

Source: Amazon



  1. They could theoretically do a £199.99 deal with a 4GB card then. I assume the 4GB cards are low on stock since everyone increased their bundled storage.
    Great price. Might buy another one.

    • Another? Isn’t one enough?

    • If it drops below £200 I’ll get hubby one, mighty generous of me.

      There again he is buying mine for me :)

    • Here’s the sub £200 barrier if you just want the barebones console:

      Enjoy :)

      • Nvm, just saw topgearsam’s comment ;)

    • Customers who pre-ordered the PS Vita up to and including January 31 will have received an e-mail containing promotional codes and redemption instructions, to take advantage of this bundle offer. Redemption instructions can also be found at the bottom of this page.

      So it seems that new potential buyers (such as myself) can’t take advantage of this offer?!

      • umm by now you probably figured it out, but if you didnt, you can still get the offer its for everyone who pre ordered the vita before and up to jan 31st, as well as anyone wh pre orders after jan 31st. only the people who pre ordered the vita before and upto jan 31st will get the email of the offer redemption. But everyone can do the offer, i pre ordered the vita wi fi with a free 8gb memory card for a total of £209.99 you can pick out of a selection of games for £15 but the best game on offer is rayman origins. sorry for the long reply

  2. Getting really tempted now…

  3. Coupled with the price of games & plenty of student loan, it’s very tempting.

  4. Zavvi’s ebay outlet oddly has it at £199.99 and it has been like that for a while.
    Still holding out to see if anyone bundles a 16gb card with the vita but no such luck.

  5. We need some damn TSA meets!

    • I guess Wipeout 2048 is the game then?

      • Probably, I have it preordered :D

  6. ……free 8GB memory card, tantalising close to the magical sub £200 barrier.

    Lil error there. Should read tantalisingly close….. no?

    • It does. Your eyes are wrong. *looks shifty*

  7. Makes my Sony discount look poor. I am getting the wifi only for £186 if I decide to go for it. Pretty sure it comes with nothing though. Gonna see if there’s better deals out there for the public. Uncharted Golden Abyss for £18.50 too so happy about that.

  8. So they get cheaper, and I spend more money!

    Since you pointed me in’s direction, I’ve swapped my GAME preorder for the offer – instead of saving £30.00, I’m spending £20.00 more but getting a 3G one! (After saying I wouldn’t need it).

    • LOL I did just that, I cancelled my order from GAME & went with the amazon wifi bundle deal then yesterday I changed my bundle deal and got the 3G one, I wasnt keen on the 3G but thought what the heck might aswel

      • Well I was prepared to pay £269.98 at GAME for Wi-Fi Vita, Uncharted, an 8gb memory card, and the preorder “bonus”. Then had the same deal for £242, or the same for £292 but with a 3G Vita – so rather than save £28 I thought I’d get a 3G Vita for another £22. Like my launch PS3, you never know if its a feature that will be removed later on to reduce the console’s price. Unlikely as its a portable, but what’s £22 when you’re already prepared to spend £270? ;)

      • And by removed, I mean that they may not make them at all anymore – obviously there are already Vitas without 3G! :)

    • Remember if you top up £5 you get WipEout free too though! So you’re effectively saving £5 on wipeout and getting a free 3G aerial and month’s data! :D

  9. Pre-ordered this last night, with Rayman for an extra £15 and used my £10 voucher… brings the Vita itself down to £155 if bought separately!

  10. Went for FIFA with 8GB card from play for 243. Almost exactly what I paid for my launch day psp with 32Mb card, mercury and metal gear acid 6 1/2 years ago.

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