GT5 Gets Update 2.05 This Week

Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that a Gran Turismo 5 update will be going live this week, bringing it up to 2.05. It’s only a minor update, bringing in bug fixes and more stability to online play.

Expect it in North America and Europe on Thursday.

Source: Andriasang


  1. Whoo yeaah!

    But seriously, this game came out in November 2010. The support is nothing short of staggering.

    • Quite so!

    • Indeed, huge props for the continued support that they maintain! I hope that the new online tweaks don’t fuck things up for Stan now that he’s eventually got the game working online :P

    • Seriously demonstrates how to support, improve and add value to an already great game.

    • I think that’s a strict minimum, considering the game was in the pipeline for six years.

  2. I think they need to change the name of this game to PS3 hard drive eater…. i re-installed it the other day (after a hdd upgrade) and it downloaded patch 2.04 which took ages and was almost 2gig in size. I’m all for game updates/patches but some of them are too big….GT5 install + patch takes over 8gig of hard drive space.

    • I would be buying a new hard drive if it became a problem. GT5 is that an important game for my PS3.

      • I bought a 500gb hard drive a few years ago and have never got close to filling it dispite having installed 100+ ps3 games, 100 psn games, 80 minis, 60+ ps1 games. Space really shouldn’t be an issue with the size of hard drives available.

      • Agreed, storage really is quite cheap nowadays and I see no reason to complain.

  3. I have never come across any bugs in the game really. All i really want is to save mid 24 hour race :-/ (or save it every few hours that would be cool)

    • Your wish was granted a few updates back….just drive into the pits during the race and you’ll get the option to save the game mid-race!

  4. I’ve just unlocked the endurance races so that’s some golden information right there, thanks guys! GT5, for all it’s flaws, is certainly amazing. Especially for the £20 it cost me.

  5. Certainly is a very well supported game & other devs could & should learn from this :)
    I’m waiting to see what exactly they’ve fixed but expect it’ll be the online race credit & xp

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