PS Vita TV Ad Campaign Revealed

Sony has put up the advert that will be shown in Europe to bring awareness of the PlayStation Vita, which launches February 22nd. The tag line for the campaign is The World Is In Play.


“The campaign celebrates that PS Vita brings the world in to play and brings to life incredible experiences wherever you are connecting to gamers all over the world,” wrote Adam Grant,  PS Vita European Product Manager.

So, a campaign focused more on the social side of the Vita and not much focus on the tech itself, at the moment anyway. Lucky for you we have an entire hub dedicated to all things Vita, so you can have all the information you need to be prepared.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. A whole second showing the console and not one single game.

    Utterly awful.

    • When have PlayStation adverts ever shown games? The best ones are about the social and cultural aspects – games will have their own adverts individually, this one is for a brand.
      I think it’s okay, not as great as past highlights but certainly better than the weirdness they used at the PS3 launch and infinitely better than Europe’s stupid cardboard cutout adverts we currently have (do we still have those?)

      • Leave those ads for the 90’s though when people were actually cool and knew what they were buying into. Nowadays people need to be spoon fed what they are actually watching and for mom and pop’s to go out and buy their brat a Vita, give some sort of reassurance that it actually plays games would be of great benefit in this handheld selling well.

      • Well exactly, thats the point – when HAVE they shown games on a fricking GAMES CONSOLE!

        Stupid stupid STUPID!

      • Sony need to kick themselves up the botty with their marketing and advertising because people don’t want to see these cool and sometimes out there adverts showing nothing but people pretending to play games or pretending to be someone they aren’t.

        It’s probably why the Wii and XBOX sold better because of it’s adverts showing all different types of people actually playing games! Just look at how fail the PS Move adverts were and even the last PS3 advert showing people and nothing about the games that you can play on the system!

        Games sell Systems not cool looking 20-somethings prancing about pretending too.

      • Every other advert is about the target demographic actor pretending to use a product though?

    • Oh i find it really good. The game graphics are so ugly when compared to any other TV ads.

  2. Reminds me a lot of the “Double life” ad for PS2. I LOVE IT!

  3. It’s not a good sign when your advert makes me yawn, SCEE. ;) Not a single game was shown and the console itself only gets a few seconds. It’s not like the point of adverts is to show off the console and try to get people to buy it.

    I wonder when the Kevin Butler advert for the Vita will be out?

    • Nope, it’s a brand ad.
      Perhaps better earlier or even as a viral, but better than nothing.

  4. This sort of brand-building ad campaign would have been better far in advance of launch, as we’re in the launch period now the ads should have evolved into an instruction to “buy now” and be showing the gameplay & features kind of like the 3DS Mario Kart ads, but better.

  5. Sorry but I dont understand how none of you like this. Its similar to the Michael advert. Yes it shows nothing about the games on offer but it gives you something that you will remember when you watch and somehow makes the hairs on the back on my neck stand up. Love the ad.

    • Agreed, I think it’s very good. Surely enough to make people who have no idea what the Vita is go looking for more info.

      • Yeah I think that this is what is was intended for :)

      • Agreed, in the same vein as the Micheal ad and I personally think it’s brilliant.

      • Not sure it works that way, given the draws placed on our time these days.If advertisers don’t give me the info, then I’m not doing their job for them and looking it up, I’ve better things to do with my time.

        We’re all gamers so we know this market well, but as an example of what I mean I’ve still no clue why there were flying lawnmowers in a recent advert and more importantly, absolutely no recollection of which company was behind it. Now, honestly, off the top of your heads could many of you say who ran that (very expensive looking) advert without looking it up?

      • It was the air miles advert, turning every purchase into well airmiles. I think these adverts and much better than the informative adverts. It reminds me of Virgin. They are not really selling a product but a way of life. Same as this new Vita advert, its not the product they are selling, its the lifestyle if you can understand what I mean.

      • Nice one well done! Never even realised air miles was an actual company and yeah I follow what you mean with the lifestyle aspect. A problem for me is that aspirational advertising always, always, ends up bland and dull and that never cuts it for me. Mobile phone, Kinect and Wii adverts are a perfect example of this and for me at least, this advert, crossed over into that territory too. A lot of this may be borne of the faact that I tend to agree with Bill Hicks when it comes to advertising though, so I guess I’m not that representative of most people, so to speak.

    • I really enjoyed it too!

      • I also really liked it. Sony’s adverts used to be very off the wall but I prefer these thoughtful adverts to the blatant ones.

  6. Not that impressed by the add. Initial reaction: Why is there a Hobbit in the subway train?
    I guess it could be worse.

  7. I rally want a COD title on the VITA. C’mon acti, release cod, and make a f**kin’ fortune!…… ;)

    • LULZ… COD SUX etc.

      Sorry, just thought I’d get in there before some other boring tit says it.

      • thanks was just about to say that, suppose im a boring tit now ;)

      • Go back to your office Peter and take a time out. ;)

      • hahaha i was expecting something, but as I genuinely enjoy COD multiplayer, I really can’t wait for a vita version.

      • Lol, I enjoyed this comment.

        I just hope that Treyarch don’t make it since they did all the Nintendo ports and possibly the PSP Roads to Victory game too. I would much prefer an Infinity Ward game.

    • Seeing this ad, makes we want Medal Of Honor: Frontline to make an appearance.

      • I would love them to remake it. I was not a fan of the HD MOH version.

      • Yeah a remake would be awesome. I really enjoyed the HD version though. Always enjoyed every Medal Of Honor game I play.

  8. *really

  9. it really amazes me why SOny never advertise what their products do. Its great having snazy adverts, but in all honesty its probably why nothing ever sells as it well as it could.

    • It’s weird isn’t it, their marketing guys were so on the ball with PSone, they got the game info out there and their social/cultural targeting was good. I remember getting Playstation roach at festivals and seeing Wipeout in clubs. Nowadays we get a snoozefest fronted by a bland group of focus tested, ethnically diverse bores, poncing on about nothing. Right up until the “Normandy Landing” part of that advert it could have been for a mobile phone – or worse – Tesco’s pisstake of mobile phone adverts.

  10. Rubbish ad!
    That is all. How does this work on getting sales if they don’t show you the handheld or even a gameplay!

    • Ah, it’s not about that right now. They are literally pushing awareness of the product being available. The brand itself will instantly let people know what it is (as well as the nature of the ad itself). Sony don’t want to send a multi-threaded message at a time when they simply want to shout “hey… new console available and we think it’s awesome”.

      The ads you’re talking about will come with time… hopefully.

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