StarDrone Extreme Features Cloud Save Cross Play

Beatshapers rather good PS3 puzzler, StarDrone, is coming to PS Vita. They’ve called the Vita version StarDrone Extreme and — last we heard — are aiming at a launch in line with the Vita’s own arrival on store shelves.

We gave the PS3 version 8/10 in our review, almost a year ago and the Vita’s touchscreen controls should be a nice fit for it.


StarDrone Extreme will utilise either of the two touch surfaces on the Vita and feature cloud saving so that you can pick up on the Vita where you left off in the PS3 version of the game (after patching the PS3 version). There will also be shared leader boards so PS3 players will soon start to see their scores toppled by those Vita-toting upstarts.

It’s all sounding quite excellent and, as you can see from the screenshots below, it’s a bit of a looker too.



  1. I haven’t heard of this; but it looks quite good. I may pick it up when it comes to Vita :D

  2. For anyone who’s not tried this, there’s a demo of the PS3 version on the store …

  3. Got to the last level of this on PS3 and gave up, I could have done it if I properly tried but it was verrrrrrry frustrating. Good game though.

  4. Have absolutely no idea whats going in thos pics, but they do look pretty! :)

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