StarDrone Extreme Level Skip DLC Made Free

When StarDrone Extreme launched for the PS Vita its in-app purchases caused some controversy. Basically, if you found a level on the momentum-based puzzler too tricky, you could unlock the option to skip it for a further 79p.

This annoyed many people who saw it as being asked to pay to play the levels they’d already paid for.


Well, now Beatshapers has sent round an email apologising for the decision and promising that an update is about to make it right. The Level Skip DLC is about to become totally free and the price of the PlayStation 3 version of the game will be dropped to £3.19/€3.99 to match the price of the Vita version.

I think it’s great to see a developer realise a pricing blunder and make a move to set it right, what about you?



  1. Ah, the Angry Birds model of fleecing gamers.

  2. It’s good to see this from a developer. They listened to their consumer base and acted on it. If only the big devs listened to their fan base. Not mentioning any names C….A….P….C….O….M

  3. This is good but you have to question their choice in the first place – could they have made the game too hard deliberately, to make you buy the skip DLC? And what about people who have already paid to skip levels.

    • If someone has already paid extra just to skip a level i think they need there heads tested!!

      • True, but if one level is holding you back from reaching several other levels, it might be some peoples’ only option. No idea what the game is like, might be easy! Either way, think its a crap idea in the first place, hence the good decision to go back on what they implemented.

    • Ive come across a level which seems basically impossible. Its called “Breakthrough” and part of the level you are taken on a ride through some bumpers with no methods of control and every time, it shoots me off into space to be eaten by a black hole. I really like the game but unable to progress past this level has left me jaded.

      • Exactly the sort of thing that might try and force a 79p purchase. Well, at least this has been revoked now!

  4. I don’t agree with these paid unlocks that have accompanied this gen, where those unlock everything/level skip cheats used to be codes you could input yourself for free. I presume if you use one of these paid-for unlocks it still blocks your trophy progress?

    • Yes, you have to play level in order to unlock medals and trophies

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