Dead Or Alive 5 To Feature ‘Real Women’

Yosuke Hayashi, leader of Team Ninja, has said Dead or Alive 5 will be ditching the huge norked bimbos in favour of ‘real women.’

Talking to Gamaasutra he said the old team were ‘known for making games that just had two primary elements: Sex and violence,’ and the series had a ‘Sports Illustrated [aesthetic]. like a magazine for high school kids.’


“We’ve always had the sex factor in the game; in the past, the female characters had to have big breasts, they had to have scanty dress,” says Hayashi. “In DoA 5 especially, we’re trying to focus on the real women that surround us; the voice of a female, the mannerisms. We are being realistic about it.”

“We want to show something that’s more high class, that adult males of our generation could look at a woman [character] and be impressed with her as a woman, not just as a pin-up. That’s what we wanted to tell our fans.”

They key phrase there is ‘not just as a pin up’ – sounds like DOA5 will have babes, but babes with brains.

Hayashi says that new Team Ninja will take both female bodies and narratives a bit more seriously, ‘The world has changed,’ he concluded.

Maybe he should have a world with these guys.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. I’d miss Ayane’s… (t_t)

  2. This actually makes me look forward to this game even more. I loved DoA3, had it on the old Xbox, it was one of the best looking games back then and it had nice graphics. No, seriously, I want to try this game out to see what’s changed, and more realistic women is a good thing IMO. Keeps the focus where it should be.

  3. I actually can’t wait until Doa5 is released the 3DS game.. pretty much lead me to that descison but its nice that they’ve taken this approuch with the females.

  4. Flat boobs, big boobs, no boobs, three boobs, I don’t care. I’ve been looking forward to a DOA sequel for years so, providing its fun, I’ll be picking it up regardless :)

    • hopefully they will finally nerf hayabusas 3 part spinning pile driver counter

  5. I won’t hold my breath.

    In any case, isn’t that the only reason to buy DOA? In my experience it wasn’t that great a fighting game and was easily bettered by the equivalent Tekken or Street Fighter

    • To each their own but I found the DOA series to fit nicely in between the brutal difficulty of Street Fighter IV and the casual friendly Tekken/Mortal Kombat.

      • yeah it was always a good party game for mates unfamiliar with tekken/VF IMO

  6. kinda interesting take he has on it

  7. After my comment on fight girls I am delighted by this.

  8. Appreciate their honestly although I’m hardly looking forward to a handful of moody cows, collectively bringing me down then finally purchasing all of the chocolate at the local petrol station and preventing me from gaming whilst they watch Dirty Dancing for the twelvety-fifth time. There’s realistic then there’s REALISTIC!

    I want circus-freak-show norks dammit!

    • Going well with Hannie then..

    • Or has she got circus-freak-show norks? Is that what you are saying?

      • When you look at the likes of Jordan (Katie Price) you want to ask “what motivated you to have tits so hilariously oversized that you look like a walking freak show?”. :-)

    • I agree completely, guys game to get away from the terror of real women! More bimbos with gravity defying boobies please, no yucky actual girls; they smell funny.

      Now go get me some chocolate, beeyotch!

  9. Surely the USP of DOA was the norks & their ‘bounciness’? In fact, i seem to recall that it was almost advertised as a feature!

    I am sure that some people will be of the opinion “No boobs, no sale”. Not me though, i wouldn’t be buying it either way! :)

  10. Meh. If I wanted to watch nice boobs jiggle about, I would put the Mrs on EA active and put my feet up. Im sure there is a kid somehwere in the world wounded by this news.

    • in the current age of (insert porn type name here)TUBE, pixel boobs don’t hold as much draw as they used to. For young lads i mean…..;)

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