Report: Major Australian Retailers Aren’t Stocking PS Vita

[drop2]In what we assume must be terrible news for Sony (and, indeed, potential customers) it seems that at least three major retailers in Australia won’t be picking up the Vita for sale.

In news broken by Australian games site owner Vook64 over Twitter, it seems that Big W, Kmart and Target will all be avoiding Sony’s new handheld console at launch, and in some cases for longer.


“So Big W and now Target aren’t stocking the Vita,” he said. “Time to email Kmart. Looks like Sony is avoiding big box retailers for Vita.”

“They’re not stocking at launch, issues with Sony. But are eventually ‘trying’ to stock it.”

Obviously we can’t yet verify these claims for ourselves but we’ll try.  We don’t know what the ‘issues with Sony’ are, either, but perhaps Sony wanted them to take more stock than they were comfortable with taking on a first run.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the retailers think the Vita is “too expensive”.  It’s not clear whether this is referring to entire retailer chains or individual branches.

It’s not good news though, really, but perhaps Sony’s rather esoteric advertising isn’t hitting the right spot with these big retailers.  Naturally, videogame specialists like EB Games and GAME are stocking it.

The Wi-fi version is currently $348AU, around £240.

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  1. Sounds like BS. I bet the end up stocking them.

    • Vooks wouldn’t lie, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

      • It wasn’t, but call me slightly skeptical of single source rumours, particularly when that source also happens to run a Nintendo community games site.

        @Vook64 – Don’t get all butt hurt mate, I’m not calling you a liar. FFS, precious western Aussie :P

        Certainly if it’s true it would be unprecedented and at this stage I can’t see what kind of reasoning they might have. All those chains stocked the PSP Go which was a) Expensive and b) Digital Download only. Vita is a much better proposition for B&M retailers so I’m still calling BS on this being anything to do with it being “too expensive”.

        I’m betting if there is any kind of issue at all it’s one of supply. The tin foil hatter might suggest they have collaborated in protest to digital downloads, but given Vita IS going to have physical games for sale I would have thought retailers would embrace it after the PSP Go experiment.

  2. If they don’t, this would be awful for Australian gamers,

    • Nah it wouldn’t.

      I don’t know anyone who actually buys games from these places as it is, they only stock platinum/classic titles and a few new releases. I really don’t think they sell much the way it is, and this is just another reason not to bother with these places.

  3. Didnt our supermarkets refuse to stock red dead redemption on that launch due to issues with rockstar? could be somting along the lines of price / stock levels.

  4. So us Aussies will be left to be bent over by EB games and GAME (not JB hifi they are awesome).

    • What? JB is also my usual first choice, but no way are these places better than EB or Game.

  5. Major doesnt mean all retailers though so its not like they dont have the internet to find where there are some in the Country probably at a premium though.

  6. Ouch.
    Why do this to the consumers?

  7. I’m guessing those big Retailers wanted some kind of better bulk discount for carrying x amount of stock but Sony said sorry no can do. (this is purely conjecture on my side :D).

  8. ok piss take much 1st no mortal kombat and now no ps vita thats just a big slap in the face to our fellow down under gamers

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