New Max Payne 3 Trailer

Rockstar have very nice sofas.

I know this as I’ve been sat in one all afternoon playing Max Payne 3.


Before I got my paws on the game I was shown a new trailer, namely this one, and it’s rather fab. It’s even better on a 60″ TV with surround sound – and a nice sofa.

You can find out what I thought of the game on March 1st at precisely 5pm in the evening.

Source: Rockstar



  1. Looking amazing, you lucky guys

  2. Thought he was Heisenberg from Breaking Bad for a second.

    • Yeah the first thing i thought when i saw him with the bald head, he even sounded like Bryan Cranston at one stage!

    • Did you see the Breaking Bad 8 bit RPG spoof video? Very funny!

  3. You in the ‘burgh then ‘cub?

    • Scratch that – I didn’t even realise there was a Rockstar London. My bad.

      • No neither did I, for a good reason. It’s hidden. VERY hidden, took me about ten minutes to find my way in the building.

  4. Can’t wait to play this now. Looks fab

  5. Wow, colour me interested after that. Fab trailer, better than the Far Cry 3 one.

  6. Looks awesome. Reminds me a lot of Man on Fire

  7. Looks amazing, I’ll still wait for a price drop though xD

  8. Does it have the Facial recognition thingamabob like L.A. Noire? Also this is looking better and better every time I see it!

    • Doubtful. The one thing that struck me about the Motionscan tech (The Facial animation you mentioned) was that it made the character’s face strangely flat when view on closer inspection. The faces of the characters in the trailer don’t look like that, so I doubt it.

      • I dont know what it was about the faces on L.A. Noire it was creepily realistic :P Hmm thats what I thought it looked like it wasnt using that tech I just fancied a second opinion.

  9. Looks like it’ll be a decent story but I still think they should’ve called it something else.
    Also, age gates …. most pointless creation ever.

  10. I always said a GTA in Sao Paulo would be amazing. Looks like I nearly got my wish! Day one shizzle.

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