WeView Round Up: Dead Island

When we picked Dead Island for last week’s WeView, we had our suspicions that it would throw up some interesting debate. As it turned out, there was a lot of discussion about the game with some really interesting points being made and it was all done in that fantastic way that only the TSA community seems capable of – without insult or nastiness.

Mikiyaru was the first to lay down his thoughts on the game with a nice balanced look at the game. He says that “Dead Island falls into the unfortunate category of requiring a few friends to really prosper. So for that reason I’d say Buy It”, a theme which runs through his whole summary and generally colours his appraisal. “The setup is perfect for co op play and general antics with your friends.” He says, before conceding that “if you feel that you wont have anyone to play with or you’re a bit partial to zombie games then I would probably say to Rent It.”

[drop2]Origami Killer is less charitable, saying “The story line is weak, the voice acting is terrible, the cut scenes are poor. What I was hoping for in Dead Island I didn’t get at all, this is what made it really disappointing for me.” Although he admits not trying the cooperative modes, although when a single player campaign makes you say “the story is weak as its non-existent and the gameplay becomes repetitive after a couple of hours. The resort looks great though. But its completely flawed in every other way” then perhaps we can’t blame him for wanting to avoid the co-op.

McProley was on hand to provide some more positive appraisal though, mostly due to the fun he had in co-op:

The single player can make you feel a bit isolated and bored (like Borderlands) playing co-op makes this game come alive. All the bugs and lacking story plots are forgotten when you and a few mates are caving in some zombie skulls or mutilating some limbs!

Mickey2010 gave us a tasty analogy for how he saw the game, saying “It’s like eating a box of Quality Street: starts off beautiful and then towards the end it starts to feel sickly, repetitive and annoyingly addictive.” Unfortunately, Mickey failed to leave a Buy It, Rent It, Bargain Bin It or Avoid It rating so we’re not sure if he ultimately enjoyed munching all the chocolates in the tin or not.

Another proponent of the co-op side of the game was Youles.

Playing with 3 friends was hilarious and it meant I didn’t care that the characters were cliched, the plot was weak, and that the A to B missions were repetitive. My mates and I were just able to smash the crap out of zombies with over the top weapons, whilst collecting juice, and helping Harry meet Sally, or whatever.

TSA regular, Forrest_01, found that it was useful to compare it to a host of other games that elements of Dead Island played on. He says it contains elements of Dead Rising, Far Cry 2 and Fallout or Borderlands before saying that if you’re fans of looting corpses, “you’ll find a lot to like here”

There was some really interesting discussion and some invitations of co-op team ups in the comments to this one – the kind of comment thread that makes us proud of the TSA community. On the whole, your appraisals of the game were well reasoned and balanced but most that left a rating (lots of people forgot to say!) were encouraging you to experience the game in some way. One person suggested you Avoid It, with one saying you should Bargain Bin It and four votes making the official TSA WeView verdict a resounding Buy It!



  1. I would have loved to have contributed to this discussion but I am STILL waiting for my copy to arrive from greatmagazines after taking a 12month subscription out with them in SEPTEMBER!

  2. A fair result I think, not a huge landslide – as most people, but not everyone, will find enjoyment with it!

    • Agreed – A lot of people played it pre-patch as well, so in some cases bugs & glitches may well have sullied their view somewhat too.

      I’m not afraid to say that i am having a great time with it, apart from being a bit wary of missing the odd trophy here & there!

      Oh & i just can’t seem to stop collecting stuff for some reason (i got the trophy for the collectibles ages ago!). Perhaps i would like pokemon too?

      • Yup, you’ve gotta collect ’em all. Well, I think its “catch”, but it works for this scenario.

        I am missing 1 Fact in Act 4 (which I should be able to collect via jumping into someone else’s game! Otherwise I’ve got all tapes and ID cards, and developer mods. Just missing a few blue prints!

  3. I was waiting with baited breath for this weview result. This is a game I had my eye on, but at release it got a lot of negative press and seemed to be plagued with bugs, so I avoided it.
    Even though this WeView got a majority of Buy It, I think im late to the party and will have missed a lot of the Co-op fun with fellow TSAers.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure – I am still playing it & once i have finished my singlepayer run through, i will be looking for co-op partners (i have had a few offers already!). :)

  4. Thanks for the mention, probably twisted in my ways with this game. Should try coop out sometime.

  5. Oooops! i would of said Rent it!

  6. I will pick this one up when it is $20 or less :)

  7. You popped my mention cherry. I loved it!

    A fair result i think. Hope to buddy up with some of you soon!

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