Alan Wake’s PC Outing Recoups Investment in 48 Hours

Remedy has spoken to about its recent port of Alan Wake for the PC. Apparently, the game has made back all of its expenses in only 48 hours. That includes all development costs for the PC version but it also includes all marketing costs for the Steam-delivered game.

Matias Myllyrinne, Remedy CEO, said “Rest assured that we are still listening to your requests and will maintain efforts to make necessary updates to the build now that it’s been released.” before also making it very clear that the company was very enthusiastic about the PC platform.


Alan Wake became available on Steam on February 16th for just £23, showing that good games, competitively priced will storm the Steam charts. Alan Wake hit the number one spot at launch and Remedy is now planning an Origin-distributed version.




  1. Such a great game. Thoroughly enjoyed it on 360.

  2. Now if they would only release it for the PS3!
    I played it on the 360 (bought it twice actually, standard edition and loved it so much got the limited edition as well). It was the game that made me finally decide to pick up a 360 and is still head and shoulders my favourite game on the console. I’d totally rebuy and replay it on the PS3 if it came out.
    Not that it’s ever going to happen. Even if it is ideally suited to the move peripheral!

    • Well the controls are really more suitable on the 360.

      • Eh, what?
        The standard controllers do pretty much the exact same thing so I don’t see how they are “more suitable on the 360”. As far as I can tell when playing multiplat titles on both machines, controls are pretty much of a muchness to anybody who can actually use both controllers (and anybody who can’t is sad IMO). Apart from some minor aesthetics the button layout and uses are pretty much the same on both consoles.

        The point I was making wasn’t based on standard controller based gaming. Due to the use of the torch as a weapon in the game and the way the move is designed I think that the game is ideally suited to be played with a move peripheral (even if I hate motion control and would use a controller anyway). In the same way I think sword games are ideally suited to the move. What you do on-screen versus what you have in your hand is intuitive.
        However if this came out on the PS3 with dualshock control there would really be zero difference to the 360 control so I don’t really see any way to justify your claim that “the controls are really more suitable on the 360”. How so? Care to clarify? Becase to me:
        AW currently = 360 controller = ps3 controller (none are more suitable than the other)
        AW with move = more reflective of what you’re doing on-screen (despite my dislike of motion control even I’d accept that) = good application of move style controller.

        So I don’t see how the 360 controller is “more suitable” for AW than the PS3 controller and (especially) move. Care to clarify? If you’re going to disagree with me at least justify why.
        Bearing in mind this is coming from someone who played AW to death (bought both the normal and limited editions and got the full gamerscore on the game and the DLC) and hates motion control (including move and kinect)

  3. How does this play? Is it like an action game? I’d like to get this, but I really don’t like 3rd person action games on PC. PCs are for FPSs and RPGs.

    • Very much not an action game. It’s pacing is slow (and correctly so) with excitement and nervousness thrown in for good measure. I found the facial animation to be terrible. It’s not a deal breaker but it was a shame to see it when the title has such a strong narrative.

      Regardless, the title was good fun and a real break from the usual pap we all enjoy (sometimes). :-)

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