Discount Clarification On European PSN Store Vita Pricing

When the PSN Store price list went up a little while back, several outlets and plenty of commenters jumped on the pricing and claimed that the games available for download were matched up with their respective RRP.

This isn’t the case across the board.  Whilst some publishers are indeed trying to shift their titles at ‘full price’ – we’re looking at you Codemasters and EA – Sony certainly aren’t.


Quick example: Uncharted Golden Abyss might be pricey at £39.99 but the RRP is £44.99.  Sure, you can get it cheaper than that on the high street or online quite easily, but that’s not the point.  Sony have, as they have with other territories, discounted the PSN prices.

Andrew House said that SCEE were aiming to “have a lower price point for downloadable versions of games” and whilst they’re not huge savings, the fact is that they are discounted off the RRP.

Whether or not they could be cheaper still is for another discussion, of course, as is the amount that retailers – online or otherwise – happily strip several pounds from the RRP.  A talking point indeed.

We’ve asked SCEE for their official word on this.



  1. Yes, it’s cheaper than RRP, but isn’t that made completely irrelevant by the fact they also set the RRP in the first place?!

    Or am I misunderstanding the situation?

    • How is it irrelevant? The fact that retailers are happy to knock more than a fiver off the RRP isn’t a reflection on SCEE’s PSN pricing.

      • I think what he is saying is that Sony can easily raise the RRP for their own games (or set it pretty high in the first place, as it seems with Vita games in general) to lets say 60 quid and then knock off 10% to comply with what they said about PSN/SEN prices. It still wouldn’t be a fair price.

      • Depends on what you define as a “fair price” …

  2. The problem is one of perception, I think. We’re so used to our retailers offering similar — or better — discounts on the RRP in the UK that we think this is no discount at all. And I suppose in practical terms, it’s not a discount on the prices we perceive games to be but that doesn’t alter the fact that on their spreadsheets, it will show up as a discount. It’s not Sony’s fault that retail in the UK is ruthless and that fact is not one Sony can be reasonably expected to cater for, unless they want to piss off retailers in the rest of Europe where they do often pay full RRP for their games.

    • I’ve never found a good explanation for that UK/Rest of Europe disparity on sticking to RRP at retail. Anyone know why it is?

      • Retailers just decided to start breaking the RRP in the UK, and it’s now become a de facto situation, but they didn’t in the rest of the world.

        When you look at it in the greater scheme of things, and see just how fast the prices of games will plummet, it just smacks of complete and utter desperation. Good for consumers, but look where it’s left Game…

      • On the other hand it probably raised UK game exports to a whole new level. I can’t remember when I last purchased a game over here in Germany. I can walk in a store and find games that have been out for over a year and I still paid less on day 1 when I ordered it from

      • Indeed. I order pretty much all my games with UK online retailers.

        You should see the prices in stores here in Belgium. 70 Euro for the latest Sony release is no exception.

        I saw Yakuza 4 a few days ago for 59.99 Euro; I just bought it on zavvi for 11.99 Euro…

      • Yeah, I also order most of my games at Even with the added shipping costs (£4 per package + £1 per item) it’s still cheaper than buying a game here in Germany! Delivery usually takes only one day longer than when I order something here. Oh, and the 18+ games are uncensored and it’s guaranteed that they include the English voice-overs (the German translations are often just horrible).

    • Excellent points, Sony should hire you to explain their decisions!

  3. For me, this pricing is pretty much fine across the board. Over here (Ireland), we don;t seem to get the mass price wars that the UK gets, particularly on software. There will be deals on hardware, but the only real time we see software discounts is on games like Call of Duty.

    All the games on the Store are the same price or cheaper than their retail counterparts here. Even FIFA, which I have pre-ordered for €49.99. It’s disappointing to see that Namco Bandai, Codemasters, EA, Sega, Square and whoever publishes BlazBlue aren’t co-operating with Sony, bur having said that, all of those, with the exception of maybe Namco Bandai, are the ones I wouldn’t expect to lower their prices.

    Hopefully more pubs follow in the footsteps of Sony, Ubisoft, Tecmo Koei and Capcom (RRP for UMvC3 is €49.99 so they actually did discount it) in the future. Still, those are all the prices I would have to buy them for at retail anyway.

  4. It’s Recommended not Standard Retail Price. It’s still a rip off buying on PSN.

    • In most EU countries Recommended is the Standard Retail Price.

  5. I think it’s the fact that very rarely do we see games selling at full RRP except the likes of COD, Fifa etc. Hence people expect games to be cheaper, although I’ve always known that whatever the price is for a full game on PSN, chances are, you can get it much cheaper elsewhere.

  6. The fact that retailers have taken to selling games at lower than RRP has no bearing on how much the PSN/SEN selling point will be.
    If GAME decide to sell Uncharted GA at £10, fair play to them, that £35 below RRP, but this doesnt mean the PSN price will change. I have very few (open) gaming shops around me at the moment, and they are all selling the games at full RRP, so this comes at a plus for me.

  7. A fiver off £45 is 9% off, surely that’s a pretty decent effort from Sony? This could lead to 15% discounts off rrp in the future which in some cases would directly compete with the likes of Amazon, especially if pre-loading before release were allowed.

    • Nitpick: A fiver off £45 is a shade over 11% off. A fiver off £55.56 is as close as you can get to 9% off without using fractions of a penny. :-)

      That’s assuming my back-of-the-envelope scribbles are correct.

  8. I cant see this being cost-effective, considering the great expense of their proprietary memory cards, designed to further milk money from people :l.

  9. Smart move!
    You have to be stupid to make an European PSN account, instead of the superrior US one!

  10. Sony set RRP of say £45 for Uncharted then offer a 10% so it now costs £40 allmost the same as online retailers, so now uve got the choice buy the download copy of the SEN store or get a hardcopy for nearly the same price.

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